Spectrum Monitoring webinars & videos

Rohde & Schwarz is known for innovative high-quality products in the spectrum monitoring segment. Learn more about its innovative solutions to protect the electromagnetic spectrum for a safer and connected world


Compact spectrum monitoring solutions

Learn more about our embedded spectrum monitoring software and how it works hand-in-hand with the hardware to optimize field operations for regulatory authorities and other governmental organizations.

Join this enlightening webinar to explore solutions tailor-made for the growing demands and complexities of radio spectrum monitoring.

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R&S®PR200 handheld spectrum monitoring and direction finding

Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive toolset for mitigating radio interference. The company's solutions allow the detection, identification and localization of unwanted emissions.

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Launch of direction finding and more for the R&S®ESMW

With the latest firmware release V03.00, additional features and functions are coming to the R&S®ESMW, which is our next-generation radiomonitoring solution to address future challenges and trends in spectrum monitoring.

Join this on demand webinar for more details about the new features and learn how the ultra wideband monitoring receiver will simplify your spectrum monitoring missions.

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Market launch of the R&S®ESMW ultra wideband monitoring receiver

With its future-proof technical performance specifications, the innovative R&S®ESMW ultrawideband monitoring receiver is the perfect solution for next generation fixed and mobile radiomonitoring stations, tasked with spectrum monitoring and interference hunting.

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Exceptional performance for next generation radiomonitoring

More and more devices will share the radio spectrum in the coming years. The R&S®ESMW helps regulators keep pace. Gain insights from the Mobile World Congress.

May 13, 2024

Monitoring elevated to a new level

Learn more about aerial measurement systems in real implementations.

Jun 15, 2023

Interference Hunting in 5G networks

Learn more about the PR200 portable monitoring receiver and in particular the gated spectrum trigger function that enables users to effectively separate uplink and downlink TDD signals, on the spectrum display.

May 03, 2023

CERTIUM® ANALYSIS : Chasse aux interférences dans l'environnement d'un aéroport

Le récepteur portable R&S®PR200 est capable de nettoyer le spectre et identifier, localiser, puis éliminer les interférences au sein d'un environnement d'aéroport.

avr. 14, 2021

Surveillance continue pour une sensibilisation au spectre

Cette vidéo illustre la demande croissante de réseaux de surveillance du spectre denses, en raison de l'évolution technique.

janv. 24, 2019

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