Oscilloscope Days 2023

Oscilloscope Days 2023



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Offered in English, French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.


Speakers & Partners: Würth Elektronik, PE Systems and Rohde & Schwarz experts

Delivering expertise - application oriented presentations - based on day to day testing challenges

It is common for electronics engineers to face challenges when trying to achieve their testing goals.

During this two-day event, experts from Rohde & Schwarz and our partners will deliver the latest updates of fundamentals and test features of the neXt-generation Oscilloscope, with online theoretical and practical sessions on the following topics:

  • Oscilloscopes and Probing Fundamentals
  • Power Electronics
  • Power and Signal Integrity
  • EMC

The live sessions were streamed simultaneously in English, French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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Oscilloscope Days will return in 2024.


Day 1 – Tuesday, 18.04.2023


Introduction & Keynote
15 minutes

Oscilloscopes & Probing Fundamentals
75 minutes, Speakers from Rohde & Schwarz

Part I: Oscilloscopes Fundamentals

  • Construction blocks of an oscilloscope
  • How to estimate needed bandwidth for my application?
  • Are more bits always better?
  • What to know about signal improvement methods like HiRes, averaging, HD Mode?
  • Why use an oscilloscope for EMI fault hunting?

Part II: Probes Fundamentals

  • Construction blocks of passive, active and high voltage probes
  • How to choose the right probe?
  • To GND or not to GND a differential probe?


Part I: Power Electronics - Best practices on high voltage and current probing?
45 minutes, Speakers from Rohde & Schwarz

  • What are typical measurement scenarios?
  • What to keep in mind for selection of probing points?
  • How to measure the current in power applications?

Part II: Efficient Filter connection
45 minutes, Speakers from Wurth Elektronik

  • Filter, Simulation und Parasitics
  • Filter and how they are affected by parasitics like e.g. Vias, PCB cross-section, GND Layers, …
  • Simulation with LTSpice and what to keep in mind

Day 2 – Wednesday, 19.04.2023


15 minutes

Power Integrity, Signal Integrity and Deembedding?
75 minutes, Speakers from Rohde & Schwarz

Part I: Power Integrity and how it affects Signal Integrity

  • Introduction to typical analysis and hurdles in Signal and Power Integrity.
  • How are Signal and Power Integrity linked together?
  • How to hunt down Power Integrity issues in Jitter separation?

Part II: Deembedding – Benefits and Limitations

  • What is deembedding?
  • How to get parameters of my fixture to deembed?
    - Difference Cable, Fixture, Single-Ended and Differential
    - Comparison to Calibration?
    - Comparison to other methods.
  • Introduction ISD Deembedding


Part I: Application Testing for Power Electronics
45 minutes, Speakers from PE Systems

  • Why is qualification of power electronics relevant?
  • What is the difference between characterization of a power semiconductor and the application based testing?
  • What benefits could an up to date power electronics test system deliver?
  • Which parameters and environmental conditions shall be tested?

Part II: EMC debugging on Flyback converters
45 minutes, Speakers from Wurth Elektronik

  • How to select the right counter measures?
  • How to validate the effectiveness of counter measures?
  • Practical examples

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