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R&S®QAR50 Quality automotive radome tester

Cost-effective automotive radome and bumper testing. Fast. Precise.

R&S®QAR50 Quality automotive radome tester
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R&S®QAR50 Quality automotive radome tester
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R&S®QAR50 Quality automotive radome tester
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R&S®QAR50 Quality automotive radome tester
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R&S®QAR50 radome testerR&S®QAR50 radome testerR&S®QAR50 radome testerR&S®QAR50 radome tester

Key Facts

  • Precise transmission loss and reflection measurements plus frequency response in the automotive radar bands (72 GHz - 82 GHz)
  • Spatially resolved transmission phase and high resolution reflection image with a single measurement
  • Extremely short cycle time of less than 4 seconds ensures high production throughput
  • Traceable and accredited transmission loss and reflection measurement results using R&S®QAR50-Z44 verification set
  • The perfect instrument from material characterization and development to end-of-line production testing.

Ensuring automotive radome and bumper quality from design to end-of-line testing

The R&S®QAR50 is the ideal instrument for all stages of automotive radome and bumper testing: From material characterization during development to fast and accurate measurements in end-of-line (EOL) production testing. It is large enough to easily accommodate bulky bumpers and provides spatially resolved measurements to evaluate design emblem homogeneity. In order to reach into complex shaped bumpers, a robot mounted version is available. Its innovative hardware concept allows for the fastest measurement times on the market and the modular software concept can adapt to your particular requirements. The R&S®QAR50 delivers radome and bumper testing with speed and precision at a very attractive price.

Caractéristiques & avantages

Robust and reliable results

Measurement clusters increase space for samples

The R&S®QAR50 uses almost 200 receive and transmit antennas to quickly characterize materials, bumpers and emblems. The microwave imaging technology uses electronic focusing for more flexible positioning of measurement antennas, freeing up space for the most important item: your material under test.

Electronic focusing increases the robustness of the setup. When just a single antenna is used for received and transmitted signals, the reflected energy must return exactly to its point of origin. The slightest deviation in angle massively effects the measurement value. The larger antenna array of the R&S®QAR50 allows for greater positioning tolerance while maintaining precise measurement results. Correct and reliable results are ensured within the positioning tolerances. Incorrect sample positioning can even be optically tracked in the resulting images.

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It has clusters with hundreds of receive and transmit antennas to quickly characterize materials, bumpers and emblems with full electronic focus.

Fully electronic focusing

Bumper and radome characterization with without mechanical movement.

The R&S®QAR50 microwave imaging can completely characterize samples without any mechanical movement. The software not only features a spatially-resolved reflection and transmission phase imaging, but also frequency-resolved analysis of the equipment under test.

The resulting images allow for detailed homogeneity analysis of samples and the time-gated frequency response ensures optimized product and consistent quality of manufacturing processes.

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The robust reflection measurements help track the correct positioning of your samples in production.

High accuracy and value

Keycode enabled measurement capabilities

The R&S®QAR50 software concept allows for flexible instrument configuration. The keycode enabled software options can configure the instrument for specific measurement requirements.
Starting with precise reflection and transmission loss measurements in the standard software, the instrument can be enhanced with the following measurement capabilities:

  • Transmission and reflection frequency response from 72 GHz to 82 GHz for constant quality monitoring of the production process
  • High resolution transmission phase imaging for homogeneity analysis of measured parts
  • High resolution reflection measurement for extensive analysis and error tracking in the process

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The frequency resolved measurements help maintain constant production quality.

Material characterization

Evaluate the characteristics of newly developed materials, colors and coatings.

New colors and coatings need to be characterized for their radar transparency throughout the development process. In order to develop radar transparent primers and paints, the permittivity of each layer plays an important role. So far, vector network analyzers have been used in order to calculate permittivity and loss factor of each layer. The R&S®QAR50-K20 phase measurement together with the permittivity calculator allows for an easy and fast characterization of each layer without the challenges coming with of quasi-optical, or waveguide based setups.

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The thickness of each layer is measured under a microscope and then used as input parameter for permittivity calculation.

Market leading precision

Traceable results for transmission and reflection measurements

The accuracy and repeatability of measurement equipment needs to be regularly verified. The DAkkS certified verification set (R&S®QAR50-Z44) can verify the R&S®QAR50 compliance with national/international standards. This ensures a smooth audit processes.
The R&S®QAR50-Z44 enables simple and quick verification of accuracy and repeatability. Both reflection and transmission loss measurement performance can be verified. The R&S®QAR50-Z44 can regularly monitor end-of-line (EOL) test equipment quality.

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The DAkkS compliant R&S®QAR50-Z44 verification set with verification plates for transmission loss and reflection.

 Fastest measurement times 

Cycle times optimized for high throughput during production. 

The R&S®QAR50 can process large amounts of data in a short amount of time. Resulting images and frequency plots are available in just a few seconds. Depending on the parameter selection and the saved data, extremely fast cycle times are possible. The R&S®QAR50 the ideal test solution for high throughput production lines.

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 Get results faster than with any other instrument (< 4 s)

Self calibration capabilities

Calibration without having to disassemble the setup

To calibrate standard test and measurement equipment, it usually has to be dismounted and set up as part of a special calibration procedure. However, the R&S®QAR50 can remain in place.
The built-in spherical reflectors allow it to be instantly calibrated. The measurement setup no longer needs to be removed or repositioned. This significantly reduces downtimes for scheduled maintenance or unscheduled repairs.

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The calibration spheres are directly integrated into the R&S®QAR50 for quick in-line calibration.

Available models

Available models
R&S®QAR50 vertical polarization

R&S®QAR50 vertical polarization

Numéro de commande 1343.0099K02

Base unit with vertical polarization.
R&S®QAR50 horizontal polarization

R&S®QAR50 horizontal polarization

Numéro de commande 1343.0099K03

Base unit with horizontal polarization.


base unit for robot assembly. Polarization agnostic.
Analysis and measurement
Frequency rangeWithout the R&S®QAR50-K1076 - 81 GHz
With the R&S® QAR50-K1072 - 82 GHz
Measurement quantities  1-way transmission loss
Transmission phase
Cycle time<  4 seconds
Verification setR&S®QAR50-Z44 for transmission loss and reflection
Distance between clusters990 mm
Instrument dimensionsC-shape310 x 1420 x 970 mm
U-shape310 x 970 x 1420 mm
Weight78 kg
Electrical specifications
LicensesCE, UKCA, RCM, FCC*, KC, VDE, CSA*
Voltage rating110 - 220 V
Power rating< 300 W
Service level agreementsAvailable worldwide

Available options

Frequency resolution

Numéro de commande 1343.2091.02


Frequency response

Frequency range extension to 72-82 GHz for transmission loss and reflection measurement. Detect and trace correct frequency adaptation of material (software license).

Phase image

Numéro de commande 1343.2110.02


Phasemask evaluation

Extends the measurement quantities of the instrument to transmission phase. Enables a homogeneity analysis of the radome / bumper (software License).

HD reflection image

Numéro de commande 1343.2133.02


HD Reflection

Unlocks the high resolution reflection imaging of the instrument. Supports quick detection of disturbances in R&D and correct DUT positioning (software license).

Verification kits

Numéro de commande 1343.0082.02


Verification set for transmission loss and reflection measurements

Allows the R&S®QAR50 to verify compliance with national and international standards. Ensures the high accuracy and repeatability of your measurement results.

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