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Test Automation Tool for POLQA® and PESQ® Speech Quality Tests

이 애플리케이션 노트는 R&S®UPV 또는 R&S®UPV66 Audio Analyzer에서 PESQ, POLQA 및 딜레이 측정을 이용하는 레벨 조정, 테스트 자동화, Report를 위한 애플리케이션 프로그램을 제공합니다.


1 POLQA® and PESQ® Measurements

1.1 Objective Perceptual Speech Test Methods

1.2 Bandwidth and Listening Situation

1.3 Reference Signals

1.4 POLQA® and PESQ® on the R&S® Audio Analyzer UPV

1.5 POLQA® vs. PESQ®

1.6 Signal Levels

2 Using the Application Program

2.1 Installation

2.2 User Interface

2.3 Choosing a signal Path

2.3.1 Uplink

2.3.2 Downlink

2.3.3 Loopback on the Network Side

2.3.4 Loopback on the Mobile Side

2.3.5 Connection Cable between UPV and CMU Speech Connector

2.3.6 Connection Cable between UPV and UE Headset Connector

2.4 Calibration Functions

2.4.1 Decoder Calibration

2.4.2 Encoder Calibration

2.4.3 Mobile Input Calibration M. I. Speech Cal.

2.4.4 Mobile Output Calibration

2.4.5 In/Out calibration

2.4.6 Loading Calibration Values from File

2.5 Loading a Setup and Starting a Measurement in Manual Mode

2.5.1 Configuring the Test Signal

2.5.2 Choosing an equalizer filter

2.5.3 Options to be Carried out after Loading the Setup

2.5.4 Loading a Setup

2.6 Using the Monitor function

2.7 Running POLQA® or PESQ® Tests Automatically

2.7.1 User Interface of the Test Automation Tab

2.7.2 Compiling a List of Test Signals

2.7.3 Test and Averaging Options

2.7.4 Starting a Test Sequence

2.8 POLQA® and PESQ® Test Results

2.8.1 Viewing Results in the Data Grid

2.8.2 Statistical Evaluation and Limit Check of Result Data

2.8.3 Entering Auxiliary Data

2.8.4 Previewing a Report

2.8.5 Printing a Report

2.8.6 Export of Result Data to an ASCII file

2.9 Delay Measurements

2.10 Delay Results

3 Literature

4 Ordering Information

Test Automation Tool for POLQA® and PESQ® Speech Quality Tests | 1GA62
애플리케이션 노트
Jul 31, 2017
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1GA62 Installation file

Application program for level alignment, test automation and reporting with PESQ, POLQA and delay measurements on the Audio Analyzer R&SUPV or R&SUPV66.

New features in version 1.3.0:

- Handling of CMW500 calibration values

- Statistic evaluation and limit check

- Offline spectral and time-domain analysis of degraded signals

- Real speech signal for delay tests

New in version 1.3.1:

Fix for use with UPV FW version 4.0 and higher

New in version 1.3.2:

Fix for missing reference wav files

Application Note File
Nov 12, 2018
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