10. Remote Operation

Remote operation implies no use of a programming language. That means you perform no automation, you simply control your instrument from a distance manually. You can use either a special application (Remote Desktop, VNC viewer) or a web browser if the instrument provides a web server. The following application notes discuss this topic:

Remote Desktop applications offer one-to-one connection, therefore they cannot be used for remote support purposes. Web browser-based remote operation have no resource locking, the last connection attempt always wins.

The second type of remote operation is sending SCPI commands one by one and reading instrument responses.

R&S Forum combines this option with the possibility to create macros of more SCPI commands sent together. Additionally, based on the Python scripting language, it offers the full power of Python to automize your measurement tasks:

1MA196: Using R&S®Forum Application for Instrument Remote Control

RSCommander is another remote operation tool from Rohde & Schwarz; a multi-platform application offering interactive SCPI command communication, exchange of files between your computer and your instrument, retrieving traces, screenshots and much more:

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