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Value Instruments from Rohde & Schwarz are precise, reliable and universal measuring products like oscilloscopes, signal generators, power supplies and multimeters. Instruments that combine practical features with excellent measurement characteristics and are easy to use. Especially designed for users who want high quality products at a good value price.

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Digital Oscilloscope

From a 50 MHz entry-class mixed signal oscilloscope to a 2 GHz high-performance digital oscilloscope, each R&S oscilloscope offers unique benefits as high sensitivity , MSO capability, trigger and decoding of serial protocols, easy and fast configuration of measurements and a comprehensive probe portfolio.

Product Overview

Power Supplies

R&S power supplies are robust, accurate and reliable. They have an outstanding price/performance ratio, from 1 to 4 channels, different voltage and current output levels and key features as easy arbitrary curve programming, DC analysis, sink capability, fast switching and individual channel combination of electronic fuses.

Product Overview

Function & RF Signal Generators

R&S arbitrary waveform and analog signal generator portfolio offers all kinds of test signals of various frequencies, power levels and modulation modes (AM, FM, φM, pulse, PWM, FSK, PSK) with a high dynamic range and spectral purity.

Product Overview

Spectrum Analyzers

The wide portfolio of R&S spectrum analyzers includes 1.6 / 3 / 6 / 8 GHz models, with or without tracking generator, for benchtop and field use, always offering high accuracy and sensitivity for a diverse range of applications as frequency analysis, signal modulation analysis, EMI precompliance measurements and more.

Product Overview

Network Analyzers

Rohde & Schwarz network analyzers are a perfect solution for customers on a budget. They are the first step into network analysis, with the option to support applications such as spectrum analysis, power measurements and vector voltmeter in a single instrument.

EMC Precompliance

R&S Value solutions for EMC precompliance offer cost-effective test equipment for performing diagnostic, troubleshooting and precompliance EMI measurements easily during the design phase in line with commercial standards.

Product Overview

RF Power Meters & Sensors

Whereas the R&S®NRP2 base unit was designed to be as versatile and easy to operate as possible, the R&S®NRP-Z211/-Z221 two-path diode power sensors are cost-effective, fast, precise and USB-capable, offering the best price/performance ratio in their class.

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Meters & Counters

Get accurate and reliable voltage, current, power, frequency, impedance and temperature measurements with Rohde & Schwarz meters and counters.

Product Overview

Audio Analyzer

Audio analysis in analog, digital and combined interfaces with parallel measurements on up to eight channels. Multichannel and cost-efficient, for use in the lab and in the productionproduction.

Product Overview

Multimedia Tester

Rohde & Schwarz supplies instruments for digital and analog baseband generation, modulation, demodulation and analysis, as well as baseband analysis.

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