Emulating battery cells for effective BMS testing and development

Presented by Anja Fenske (Product Manager Power Supplies, Rohde & Schwarz), Ralf Oestreicher (Automotive Market Segment Manager, Rohde & Schwarz)

Electric vehicles rely on Battery Management Systems to maximize their power, range, and efficiency. Automotive manufacturers and module suppliers need to maximize the number and density of the cells whilst maintaining galvanic isolation; increasing the necessity for correct management. To ensure performance and safety, it is crucial to accurately emulate the battery cells used in electric vehicles, including terminal and open circuit voltage, charge and discharge current, state of charge (SOC) and internal resistance. Join this webinar to learn how to do this effectively using power supplies.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • The latest technical and market developments in BMS
  • The characteristics of different battery types
  • How to simulate individual battery cells
  • Real time monitoring of battery cell parameters