Oscilloscope Fundamental Days

Oscilloscope Days 2021



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Offered in English, French, German and Russian.


Trainer: Experts from Würth Elektronik, Farnell and Rohde & Schwarz

Partner: Würth Elektronik, Farnell Ltd

Oscilloscope webinar

Oscilloscope Days 2021

Two-day live virtual event

The live sessions were streamed simultaneously in English, German, French and Russian.

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Oscilloscope Days will be held again in 2022.


How to choose the measurement setup?

  • How to estimate needed bandwidth of your equipment?
  • How does a VNA, Oscilloscope, SPA and EMI receiver operate?
  • Which instrument to choose for which application?

Analysis of Power Integrity and DC/DC-Converters

  • How does switching semiconductors influence my DUT?
  • Why power integrity matters?
  • How and what to test on your DUTs power conversion and distribution parts?
  • When are high differential probes needed?
  • Filtering for digital transmission systems

Power integrity & noise immunity

  • Noise Propagation
  • Boost Converter Noise Sources
  • Practical Example – Bad Design Practice
  • Improvement of Noise Rejection/Reduction
  • Practical Example – Good Design Practice

Signal integrity and Bus analysis using Oscilloscopes

  • What basic analysis can be done with any oscilloscope?
  • How to use a protocol decode and what information do I need to get a proper decode on screen?
  • What could eye diagrams be used for?
  • Which influence does my transmission line, filters and protection circuits have on my signal integrity?
  • USB trigger & decode

How to debug EMC of my device?

  • What does debug mean?
  • Which instruments can be used for EMC debugging?
  • What accessories are really needed?
  • How to qualify EMC during the development cycle with oscilloscopes?
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