R&S®AdVISE Visual Inspection Software

R&S®AdVISE Visual Inspection Software
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R&S®AdVISE Visual Inspection Software

Key facts

  • Automatic error recognition on EUTs based on camera signals
  • Continuous monitoring of all observed regions at 30 frames per second
  • Saves time and eliminates human inattention
  • Generation of test reports and event-controlled video protocols
  • Runs independently and under the control of system software
  • With optical character recognition (optional)

At a glance

R&S®AdVISE visual inspection software automates the process of visually monitoring an equipment under test (EUT) during a test sequence. This eliminates human inattention, ensures reproducible results and simplifies the test documentation. A typical application is EMS testing with R&S®EMC32 and R&S®ELEKTRA test software.

Features & benefits

System concept

Flexible and economical

  • Runs on any WindowsTM 7/10 controller that fulfills the minimum system requirements
  • Control software such as R&S®EMC32 or R&S®ELEKTRA can run on the same controller
  • Video grabbing via off-the-shelf portable frame grabber
  • Supports all cameras with DVI, HDMITM or HD-SDI interface
  • Supports the use of a multiviewer to analyze in parallel the video of up to four cameras
AdVISE Visual Inspection Software
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R&S®AdVISE setup

Typical R&S®AdVISE setup in a network system with the R&S®EMC32 or R&S®ELEKTRA EMC control software.

Optimal analysis efficiency

Regions of interests

Regions of interest (ROI) are the mechanism by which the user defines how to use the R&S®AdVISE system. A wide range of analytical methods covers a broad spectrum of visual inspection:
Illumination intensity

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for text and numbers
    with option R&S®ADV1060
  • Indicator brightness and color
  • Analog indicator position
  • Presence or absence of symbols and icons
  • Change of numbers and fonts
  • Flashing indicator characteristics
  • Stop of motion
AdVISE Visual Inspection Software
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Checking a numerical readout with ROI OCR Number

Virtual camera

Option R&S®ADV-1050

R&S®AdVISE can also analyze video recordings of completed tests with the R&S®ADV-K1050 virtual camera option.

  • Supports a wide range of video file containers and video formats
  • Same operation as during real-time operation
AdVISE Visual Inspection Software
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Virtual camera user interface

Using the virtual camera option to check the video record of an EUT during a test run

Video protocol and test report

Integrated protocol utilities

R&S®AdVISE creates a video protocol and an event list. What sets the system apart in usability is the indexing feature of the integrated video player. This feature allows the user to go to any event in the video just by clicking on the event information. The player also enables the user to collect a single frame as a JPEG image and to collect a clip of the video to be used for reports or archiving. The event list itself can be saved as a PDF test report.

AdVISE Visual Inspection Software
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Event controlled video protocol

Show any event in the video by cklicking on the event information

Remote control

R&S®AdVISE has a generic and an extended remote control interface

Generic remote control interface:

  • Open for any external control software
  • Passes summary Go/NoGo information to the control software
  • Control software can transmit test information to be inserted into the incoming and recorded video

Extended remote control interface:

  • Exclusively for use with R&S®EMC32
  • Same features as generic interface
  • Provides in addition the test results of the individual ROIs for graphical processing in R&S®EMC32
AdVISE Visual Inspection Software
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Measurement view overlaid EMS test conditions

Specifications in brief
Base unit
ROI types

light on, light off; object in, object out; color change; intensity change; analog indicator; flashing frequency (0.2 Hz to 10 Hz), flashing duty cycle, flashing pulse width (0.1 s to 4.9 s); motion freeze (0.03 s to 3.3 s); optional OCR text and OCR number

Max number of parallel monitored ROIs

16 (optional 32)

Video report

1080p30, H.264 coded, file size typically 3 Gbyte/h, max. file size 10 Gbyte, EMS data fields for watermarking: frequency, modulation, immunity level, power level, turntable position

Operation modes

local, remote generic, remote extended (compatible with R&S®EMC32 version 10.50.00 or higher)

Video interface for live camera

UVC (USB Video Class); USB 3.0; supporting HDMI™ and HD-SDI via video capture device

Supported camera formats

1080p30; RGB, 4:2:2, 4:4:4; 8 bit, 10 bit

Depth of analysis

8 bit

R&S®ADV-1032 extension to 32 ROI
Max. number of parallel monitored ROIs


R&S®ADV-1050 virtual camera input option
File container

*.mov, *.mp4, *.avi

Coding H.264, MPEG-2; MPEG-4v
Formats 1080p30, 1080p60; other resolutions are possible, but are converted in real time to 1080p
R&S®ADV-1060 ROI Optical caracter recognition for text and numbers
OCR text

Monitoring of status information

OCR Number Monitoring of numeric output

Available options

Base unit
Product Description


Order number 1434.6518.02


Visual inspection software

Base software for the monitoring of up to 16 ROIs


Order number 1434.6660.02


License dongle

USB Lisence dongle

Software options
Product Description


Order number 1434.6524.02


Extension to 32 ROI

Extends the maximum number of parallel evaluated regions to up to 32


Order number 1434.6530.02


Virtual camera

Analysis of video recordings of completed tests


Order number 1434.6601.02


ROI Optical caracter recognition for text and numbers

Monitoring of text and numerical outputs

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