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  • R&S®HMO1202

    R&S®HMO1202 R&S®HMO1202 Oscilloscope Two-channel oscilloscopes, 50 MHz to 300 MHz bandwidth Key facts Bandwidth: 100 MHz to 300 MHz Max. sample rate: 2 Gsample/s Max. memory depth: 2 Msample MSO: 8 digital channels optional, also as retrofit Pattern generator: 4-bit patterns up to 50 Mbit/s Brief description High sensitivity, multifunctionality and a great price – that is what makes the R&S

  • Software for R&S®HMO1202 Oscilloscope

    Software (1)Title Size Version Date HMExplorer Version 1.7.4 includes Open Source Acknowledgment, Release Note and User Manual8 MBV 1.7.4 21.12.2018

  • Firmware for R&S®HMO1202 Oscilloscope

    Firmware for HMO1202Title Versions Last Modified File Size R&S®HMO1202 Firmware V05.886 Including Release Notes and Open Source Acknowledgment for HMO1202. 05.886 20.07.201610 MB

  • Drivers for R&S®HMO1202 Oscilloscope

    Each productDriver Information (3)File DescriptionDateRelated Content 26.09.2017 LabVIEW driver hmo history 30.04.2019 LabWindows/CVI, VXIpnp driver hmo history 21.02.2018 Instrument Drivers (5)Driver NameSizeVersionDateUSB Communications Device Class (CDC) driver Commonly required component for USB interfaceSupported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit / 64-bit)731 kB1.0 06.12.2017 LabWindows

  • HMO1202 - Calibration Error with Logic Probe HO3508

    HMO1202 - Calibration Error with Logic Probe HO3508QuestionStarting the calibration at HMO1202 with the Logic Probe HO3508 the calibration failed with an error.AnswerBefore connecting the probe HO3508 to HMO1212 you should do a connection from all lines to ground.

  • Oscilloscopes | Product overview

    Oscilloscope promotions Oscilloscope Solutions Solution for Automotive test solutions Automotive test solutions Power electronics testing Power electronics testing Digital bus and interface standards Digital bus and interface standards Analog/digital design and test Analog/digital design and test Awards won by our oscilloscopes We are best in test! Awards won by Rohde & Schwarz Discontinued products RTO1000 RTM2000 RTM HMO3000 HMO1202 HMO1002

  • R&S®HMO1002, R&S®HMO1202 User Manual

    Describes manual and remote operation and all functions of the instrument. The SCPI commands for programming are listed in a separate manual.

  • R&S®HMO1002, R&S®HMO1202 SCPI Programmers Manual

    Describes the SCPI commands for programming the instrument. Manual and remote operation and all functions of the instrument are described in a separate manual.

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  • R&S®RT-ZP03 Manual

    Describes the probe and its usage. The document contains both the German and English user manuals.

    This download is available in the following languages:

  • Electronic Design - Media Center

    multifunctionality and a great price – that is what makes the R&S®HMO1002 and R&S®HMO1202 digital oscilloscopes so special. From embedded developers to service technicians to educators – the wide range of functions address a broad group of users.HMC804x Power SupplyOne, two or three channels – R&S®HMC804x power supplies with their specifications and wide range of functions are ideal for use in development

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