Urban air mobility vehicle testing

Hybrid & electric aircraft testing

Providing test and measurement solutions for next generation hybrid & electric aircraft and urban air mobility (UAM) vehicle designs

In the race to bring hybrid & electric flight concepts like eVTOLs for urban air mobility (UAM) to global markets, aerospace designers and engineers are looking to many different technologies to address the associated challenges. Test and measurement solutions from Rohde & Schwarz ensure flawless system performance for safety and security for the next era of aviation. As an expert in avionics test applications, we are leading the way with innovations for testing and validating sensors (radar), communications (4G, 5G, SatCom), flight navigation (GNSS) and the overall electronic system performance.

Enhancing safety via testing and development of eVTOL power electronics

In pursuit of developing a drone which delivers defibrillators to cardiac patients, the HORYZN team at the Technical University of Munich integrated a Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope as part of their prototyping design-loop and workflow.

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Urban air mobility

Test solutions for safety and security in the new aviation era

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Rohde & Schwarz has been hosting the 4th UAM Ingolstadt Network Meeting

UAM Ingolstadt – a test bed for the future of air mobility

Rohde & Schwarz has been hosting the 4th UAM Ingolstadt Network Meeting at the company’s headquarter location in Munich. Around 150 distinguished guests from the network and the industry joined this event.

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Emi testing

Focus topic

Step-by-step guide: Designing for EMI testing

How to break down the whole EMI design test process into “Locate”, “Capture”, and “Analyze”.

Improve your time to market with oscilloscopes.

Our solutions

EMC testing

Leading solutions in electromagnetic compatibility testing, from debugging to full compliance.

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Positioning & navigation and GNSS testing

Test and measurement solutions from Rohde & Schwarz provide the most realistic GNSS scenario simulations for satellite orbit, signal propagation and electromagnetic environment characteristics.

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Radar testing

Test and measurment solutions from Rohde & Schwarz are designed to meet some of the most challenging requirements by offering cutting edge signal analysis and generation tools, unrivaled instrument performance and ease of use.

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Power and signal integrity testing

Test and measurement solutions from Rohde & Schwarz provide powerful tools for debugging low speed serial buses and time-correlated analog waveforms at the same time.

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Civil air traffic control

Covering the entire air traffic control (ATC) spectrum.

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Air traffic management (ATM)

Air traffic management (ATM)

Due to current structural changes, air traffic management systems worldwide are undergoing a comprehensive transformation. Rohde & Schwarz is responding to these challenges.

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