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FPC Series does not appear in VISA


My R&S FPC device is not available in my VISA software. All the necessary drivers are installed as desribed in the manual, however ist does not work using USB or network connection.

In the NI forum I found an article telling me, that it is not possible to connect the FPC via NI Visa. What do I have to prepare, that I can use R&S Visa as well as the NI VISA?


This knowledge article assumes the correct drivers already being installed like described in the manual of the device.

First we have to make a difference between the two connection types:

- When using the USB port in fact it is not possible to connect the FPC as a pure USB device. Please find our knowledge article about the USB connection in the web:


When using the USB port, the FPC behaves like a network device and can be connected like shown in the next section.

- When using the Network port no special preparation has to be done

In R&S VISA please follow these steps:

- Open the RsVisaConfigure

- Add a new device


- Save your settings

- The new device should appear in the ID List now:


- Open the RsVisaTester

- Connect the device using the identifier (alias does not work)

- send a device identifier request using "Query"


- Your device is available now.

In NI VISA the device can be connected the following way:

- When opening NI MAX directly click on the devices section and wait for NI MAX to explore the available devices

- Open the network devices in the next step


- Now right click on the network devices and choose "Create New VISA TCP/IP Resource"

- activate "Manual Entry of LAN Instrument" and proceed

- write down you instrument's IP address ( can be found under <Setup>[Instrument Setup] and click on "Validate"


- finish the setup - your device should now appear


- open the VISA-Testpanel and click on the "Inpout/Output" section

- perform a *IDN? Query


- your device as approved and can be used now.