RTA4000 - Mediacenter

Decoding LIN with an oscilloscope

Discover how to decode LIN, as displayed on an R&S®RTA.


Stimulate your device with the built in pattern generator

Discover how to simulate your device under test with a built in pattern generator on the R&S®RTA.


Probing a differential bus with huge common mode

Discover the best probing method for differential buses, as displayed on an R&S®RTA connected to a differential CAN bus.


R&S®RTA4000 - 10-bit ADC

The R&S®RTA4000 features a customized Rohde & Schwarz engineered 10-bit A/D converter that delivers a fourfold improvement compared to conventional 8-bit A/D converters.


R&S®RTM3000 - R&S®RTA4000 Spectrum Analysis and Spectrogram

The The R&S®RTM-K18 spectrum analysis and spectogram option makes it easy to find such errors quickly.


R&S®RTA4000 - Power Integrity

The R&S®RTA4000 measures large DC offsets with the ability to zoom on small ripples.


R&S®RTM3000 - R&S®RTA4000 - Power and harmonics analysis

R&S®RTM3000 - R&S®RTA4000 features analysis of input and output as well as transfer function of switched-mode power supplies.


R&S®RTA4000 - Vertical Zoom

The R&S®RTA4000 features a vertical zoom. Vertical zoom is an easier way to quickly magnify the portion of the signal you want to see, and retain measurement accuracy.


R&S®RTA4000 - Logic analysis

The R&S®RTA-B1 option turns every R&S®RTA4000 into an intuitive-to-use MSO with 16 additional digital channels.


R&S®RTA4000 - 10 s boot up and ready to measure

The R&S®RTA4000 boots in just 10 seconds and is ready to measure.


R&S®RTM3000 - RTA4000 - Probe Portfolio Support

A complete portfolio of high-quality passive and active probes covers all measurement tasks.


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