R&S®CA250 Bitstream analysis software

Analysis and manipulation of signals at bitstream/symbol stream level

R&S®CA250 Bitstream analysis software
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R&S®CA250 Bitstream analysis software, Screenshot

Ключевые факты

  • Data import and symbol stream/bitstream representation
  • Versatile bitstream analysis functions
  • Wide variety of bit manipulation functions
  • Integration of user-specific algorithms into the operation sequence
  • Programmable script control for performing automatic analysis sequences

Bitstream analysis of communications signals

In the technical analysis of modern communications signals, being able to analyze the characteristics of demodulated signals with unknown codings is very important. In addition to various symbol stream/bitstream representations, R&S®CA250 provides a large number of powerful analysis algorithms and bitstream manipulation functions. When selectively deployed, the tools enable the user to obtain technical data from an unknown bitstream. This data provides information about the type and content of the analyzed signal. Ideally, all aspects of the unknown code can be resolved, allowing the user to program (outside of R&S®CA250) a specific decoder for the unknown signal.

Особенности и преимущества

Versatile analysis functions

Structure analysis and statistical methods

R&S®CA250 supports the import of files in different symbol stream and bitstream formats. The R&S®CA250 features versatile functions such as autocorrelation and cross-correlation, configurable pattern search, entropy tests (Tsallis, Maurer, chi-square), calculations of column sum/parity and line sum/parity, which can all be used to analyze bit structures.

Versatile bitstream analysis functions
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Versatile bitstream analysis functions

Advanced code analysis functions

Automatic and manual expert analysis tools

Regardless of the channel coding or bit errors in the bitstream – R&S®CA250 provides the right tools to recognize the channel code being used. R&S®CA250 features fully automated detection of convolutional, Reed-Solomon and BCH codes. Other specific analysis functions for channel codings, such as scrambling and CRC codes, are also included.

Processing of channel coded bitstreams

Standard and complex bitstream manipulation

In addition to basic manipulation functions, such as selective deletion or bit inversion, the following complex functions are available: conversion from differential coding to absolute coding, decoding of line codes (NRZ-L, NRZ-M, NRZ-S), Boolean operations, multiplexing, demultiplexing, descrambling and deinterleaving. The R&S®CA250 features a wide range of decoding methods, including standard decoders such as Viterbi (for convolutional codes), Reed-Solomon, BCH and CRC decoders and much more.

Wide variety of processing functions for channel coded bitstreams
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Wide variety of processing functions for channel coded bitstreams

Payload analysis

Detection and processing of typical payload structures

After a bit stream has been successfully analyzed and decoded, its content may be available in plain text. However, the content is often a binary file requiring further processing. By applying file type identification to characteristic bit patterns, the user can determine the type of file that has been extracted (e.g. WAV, ZIP, BMP, PDF, MP3). The user can expand the list of identifiable file types.

Payload analysis and processing
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Payload analysis and processing


Extensibility and versatility

The R&S®CA250 offers a broad range of possible custom modifications and extensions. One is the easy integration of user-defined algorithms for bitstream analysis and manipulation. Another valuable feature is the Python script interface. Python script language enables the user to program automatic operating sequences, simplifying recurrent sequences.

Доступные Варианты


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Licensing of R&S®CA250 with USB dongle


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Licensing of R&S®CA250 with SD card dongle


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Licensing of R&S®CA250 with mini-USB dongle


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Extended bitstream analysis and decoding


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Professional bitstream analysis and decoding

Requires R&S®CA250-E


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Code analysis

Requires R&S®CA250-P


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Payload analysis


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Development edition


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Upgrade package to version ≥ 04.00


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R&S®CA250 introduction

1 day (5 hours)


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R&S®CA250 operator training

4 days


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R&S®CA250-E option operator training

1.5 days


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R&S®CA250-P option operator training

1.5 days


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R&S®CA250-PA option operator training

0.5 days


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R&S®CA250-CA option operator training

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R&S®CA250-D option operator training

2 days

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