Videoreihe: 5G is now

In unserer Videoreihe beleuchten die Autoren des 5G NR eBooks sämtliche technologischen Aspekte, erläutern Herausforderungen und Lösungen und zeigen Messtechnikbeispiele.

5G is now – How 5G NR standalone (SA) mode challenges testing

The R&S CMX500 radio communication tester is ideal to perform 5G NR signaling measurements for SA mode.


5G is now – Beamforming – a backbone of 5G

Get more information on beamforming, a well-established antenna technology that is a highly important, built-in capability in 5G NR.


5G is now – How flexible numerology benefits the 5G air interface

Take a closer look into the air interface aspects of 5G. 5G provides a flexible numerology to support different services in the most efficient way.


5G is now - Meeting the 5G NR testing challenges

The first episode of a new video series will take a look at where 5G is today, explore the unique challenges for test and measurement and discover innovative solutions such as the R&S CMX500 radio communication tester.


5G is now - How to meet 5G NR non-standalone (NSA) mode testing challenges

Get deeper information on one of the access procedures of 5G – the non-standalone mode.


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