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CERTIUM® Webinar

Leveraging IP benefits in ATC

Part of the digital transformation webinar series

Digital technologies have been transforming industries and markets for years. Despite air traffic control's conservatism, embracing these innovations is vital. It ensures scalability, resilience, economic sustainability, environmental efficiency and predictability. Integrating resilient digital systems enhances operational stability and adeptly navigates dynamic scenarios. Ultimately, this transformation ensures a safer, more efficient, and adaptable air traffic control system. ANSPs urgently require enhanced operational flexibility with innovative solutions such as virtual centers, digital remote towers and cross-border air traffic control. Essential to these advancements is IP migration, which is the foundation for effective digitalization in modernizing air traffic management. Migrating to IP infrastructures poses many challenges, especially to voice communication with its exigent requirements for uninterrupted, real-time transmission. Migration scenarios need to be planned thoroughly and without putting operational continuity and quality at risk. Practical VoIP implementations often become complex and involve technology mixes and adaptations to ensure seamless integration. Rohde & Schwarz solutions are optimized to streamline and facilitate the process of digital transformation. Our radio stations, voice systems and protocol gateways feature remarkable functionalities that support customers throughout their migration journey. With over a decade of experience in IP migrations, Rohde & Schwarz has earned global confidence, acting as a trusted partner for customers worldwide to meet their evolving needs.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Key benefits of full-IP systems
  • IP migration scenarios and related challenges
  • Rohde & Schwarz solutions for smart migration