R&S®ESW EMI test receiver – Wideband extension coming soon

R&S®ESW EMI test receiver – Wideband extension

1 GHz bandwidth extension for the market-leading EMI test receiver

The R&S®ESW EMI test receiver offers the possibility to extend its FFT bandwidth to 350 MHz or 970 MHz. This allows measuring the complete CISPR frequency Bands C and D in one shot. With these extensions, the R&S ESW addresses the increasing demand for high speed testing and measurement insights, for all customer segments in commercial, automotive or MIL testing.

The new bandwidth extension options not only allow to speed up testing time but also enable greater insights and more in-depth interference analysis. With an increased measurement time per frequency segment, the R&S®ESW achieves higher probability of intercept for sporadic emissions. All instruments from serial number 103000 onwards are upgradable with the new options.

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