R&S®QAR50 Quality Automotive Radome Tester

Cost-effective automotive radome and bumper testing. Fast. Precise.

R&S®QAR50 Quality Automotive Radome Tester
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R&S®QAR50 Quality Automotive Radome Tester
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R&S®QAR50 Quality Automotive Radome Tester
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R&S®QAR50 Quality Automotive Radome Tester
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R&S®QAR50 Radome testerR&S®QAR50 Radome testerR&S®QAR50 Radome testerR&S®QAR50 Radome tester


  • Precise transmission loss and reflection measurements plus frequency response in the automotive radar bands (72 GHz - 82 GHz)
  • Spatially resolved transmission phase and high resolution reflection image with a single measurement
  • Extremely short cycle time of 4 seconds ensures high throughput in production
  • VNA-like accuracy due to compliant verification set with plates for transmission loss and reflection verification
  • Internal self calibration, requires no dismounting or external equipment 

Ensuring automotive radome & bumper quality from design to end-of-line-test

The R&S®QAR50 is the ideal tool for accurately testing the quality of automotive radomes and bumpers in the automotive radar frequency range at the end-of-line (EOL). It features sufficient space to easily accommodate bulky bumpers combined with spatially resolved measurements to evaluate the homogeneity of design emblems. Its innovative hardware concept allows for the fastest measurement times on the market whereas the modular software concept allows adaptation to your particular requirements. The R&S®QAR50 delivers radome and bumper testing with speed and precision at a very attractive price point.

Merkmale & Vorteile

Robust and reliable results

Measurement clusters increase space for your samples

The R&S®QAR50 uses almost 200 receive and transmit antennas to quickly characterize materials, bumpers and emblems. The microwave imaging technology with its electronic focusing allows for a more flexible positioning of the measurement antennas and thus makes space for the important part: your material under test.

The most significant advantage of electronic focusing is the increased robustness of the setup: When using only a single antenna for the received and transmitted signals, the reflected energy needs to exactly return to its origin. The slightest deviation in angle has a massive effect on the measurement value. The larger antenna array of the R&S®QAR50 allows for looser positioning tolerances while still maintaining a precise measurement result. Within the positioning tolerances, the instrument ensures a correct and reliable result. Incorrect sample positioning can even be optically tracked in the resulting images.

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With it"s clusters hundreds of receive and transmit antennas quickly characterize materials, bumpers and emblems with fully electronic focusing.

Fully electronic focusing

Characterization of bumpers and radomes without mechanical movement.

The microwave imaging capabilities of the R&S®QAR50 allow for a complete characterization of the samples without the need for mechanical movements. The software not only features a spatially-resolved reflection and transmission phase image, but also a frequency-resolved analysis of your equipment under test.

The resulting images allow for a detailed homogeneity analysis of the sample, whilst the time-gated frequency response ensures an optimized product and a constant quality of the manufacturing process.

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The robust reflection measurement helps keeping track of the correct positioning of your samples in production.

High accuracy and value

Keycode enabled measurement capabilities

The software concept of the R&S®QAR50 allows for flexibility in terms of instrument configuration. With the keycode enabled software options, the instrument can be configured according to the specific measurement requirements.
Starting with precise reflection and transmission loss measurements in the standard software, the instrument can be enhanced with the following measurement capabilities:

  • Frequency response for both transmission and reflection from 72 GHz to 82 GHz in order to allow for constant quality monitoring of the production process
  • High resolution transmission phase imaging enabling homogeneity analysis of the measured parts
  • High resolution reflection measurement for extensive analysis and error tracking in the process

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The instruments frequency resolved measurement helps maintaining constant production quality.

Fastest measurement times

Cycle times optimized for high throughput production purpose.

The R&S®QAR50 is capable of processing large amounts of data in a short amount of time. Resulting images and frequency plots are available within a handful of seconds. Depending on the selection of parameters and data to be saved, extremely fast cycle times are reachable. This makes the R&S®QAR50 the ideal test solution for high throughput production lines.

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Get results faster than with any other instrument (< 4 s)

Market leading precision

Traceable results for transmission and reflection measurements

The accuracy and repeatability of measurement equipment needs to be verified on a regular basis. With the help of the DAkkS certified verification set (QAR50-Z44), the R&S®QAR50 can be verified according to national/international standards (*). This ensures a smooth audit processes.
The R&S®QAR50-Z44 enables simple and quick verification of the instrument’ accuracy and repeatability. Both reflection and transmission loss measurement performance of the instrument can be verified. Thus, the QAR50-Z44 allows for regular quality monitoring of the end-of-line (EOL) test equipment.

(*) Available Q3/22

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DAkkS compliant QAR50-Z44 verification set with plates for transmission loss and reflection verification.

Self calibration capabilities

Calibration without the disruption of disassembling the setup

In order to calibrate standard test & measurement equipment, the instruments must usually be dismounted and setup in a special calibration procedure. Quite different for the R&S®QAR50: The instrument can remain in place.
Using the built-in spherical reflectors, the instrument can calibrate itself within an instant. There is no need to remove, or reposition the measurement setup. This allows for significantly reduced downtimes in case of scheduled maintenance or unscheduled repair.

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The calibration spheres are directly integrated into the R&S®QAR50, supporting a quick calibrations in-line.

Verfügbare Modelle

Verfügbare Modelle
R&S®QAR50 vertical polarization

R&S®QAR50 vertical polarization

Bestellnummer 1343.0099K02

 Vertical polarization
R&S®QAR50 horizontal polarization

R&S®QAR50 horizontal polarization

Bestellnummer 1343.0099K03

Horizontal polarization
Technische Daten
Analysis and measurement
Frequency rangewithout QAR50-K1076 - 81 GHz
with QAR50-K1072 - 82 GHz
Measurement quantities  1-way transmission loss
Transmission phase
Cycle time<  4 seconds
Polarizationvertical / horizontal
verification setQAR50-Z44 for transmission loss and reflection
Distance between clusters990 mm
Instrument dimensionsC-shape310 x 1420 x 970 mm
U-shape310 x 970 x 1420 mm
Electrical specifications
LicensesCE, UKCA, RCM, FCC*, KC, VDE, CSA*
Voltage rating110 - 220V
Power rating< 300 W
Service level agreementsavailable worldwide

Verfügbare Optionen

Frequency resolution

Bestellnummer 1343.2091.02


Frequency response

Frequency range extension to 72-82 GHz for transmission loss and reflection measurement. Detect and trace correct frequency adaptation of material (software license).

Phase image

Bestellnummer 1343.2110.02


Phasemask evaluation

Extends the measurement quantities of the instrument to transmission phase. Enables an homogeneity analysis of the radome / bumper (software license).

HD reflection image

Bestellnummer 1343.2133.02


HD Reflection

Unlocks the high resolution reflection imaging of the instrument. Supports quick detection of disturbances in R&D and correct DUT positioning (software license).

Verification kits

Bestellnummer 1343.0082.02


Verification set for transmission loss and reflection measurements

Allows the R&S®QAR50 to verify compliance with national and international standards. Ensures the high accuracy and repeatability of your measurement results.

Verwandte Ressourcen

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Erfahren Sie, warum der R&S®QAR50 das ideale Werkzeug für die Messung von Automotive-Radomen und Stoßfängern während des gesamten Entwicklungszyklus ist. Angefangen bei F&E und Werkstoffcharakterisierung über komplexe Abformverfahren für Markenembleme bis hin zu Fertigungsendkontrollen.

Mehr Informationen

Measuring with the R&S®QAR50

Messen mit dem R&S®QAR50

Erfahren Sie in diesem 5-minütigen Video mehr über die Messmöglichkeiten und einzigartigen Funktionen des QAR50.

Mehr Informationen

Webinar: Ensuring automotive radome & bumper quality from design to high-volume production

Webinar: Ensuring automotive radome & bumper quality from design to high-volume production

Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie Mikrowellen-Bildgebungstechnologie eingesetzt werden kann, um eine exakte zweidimensionale Charakterisierung der Radom- und Stoßfängerqualität zu ermöglichen, den Entwicklungsprozess zu beschleunigen und einen nahtlosen Übergang von der Entwicklung im Labor zur Großserienfertigung zu erleichtern.

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