LTE / LTE-A / LTE-A Pro videos

Watch our short videos to gain insights into important LTE technology components specified in 3GPP Releases 8 to 14, learn more about the test challenges involved and experience comprehensive test solutions.

Let’s talk IoT – Low power consumption with the wake-up signal (WUS)

In this video we explain how the new wake-up signal (WUS) feature specified in 3GPP Rel. 15 works and how it compares to previous power saving features.


Demystifying 5G – Testing dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) on a device

This video explores testing of an LTE-capable device in presence of 5G NR SSB’s while enabling MBSFN subframes.


Webinar: How LTE-A Pro paves the way for 5G New Radio

This webinar provides a technology dive into the LTE-A Pro features, showing the flexibility and variety of LTE use cases and service scenarios.


Voice over LTE - approaches, implementation and testing solutions

The packet-switched architecture of LTE does not support circuit-switched voice calls as used in 2G/3G networks.


LTE in unlicensed spectrum (LTE-U) and Wi-Fi coexistence testing

The video demonstrates how easy signaling test cases for LTE-U CSAT testing can be created with this solution.


LTE D2D ProSe - Direct discovery: protocol analysis

This video demonstrates protocol analysis for direct discovery based on the R&S®CMW500 wideband radio communication tester. The R&S®CMW500 emulates the LTE network and the receiving device simultaneously, which enables the device under test to send the discovery message.


LTE D2D ProSe - Direct discovery: overview and RF measurements

This video explains the basic principle of direct discovery: how a device sends (announces) and receives (monitors) a discovery message on the uplink frequency using defined resource pools.


LTE-Advanced Pro - Additional modulation schemes for LTE

This video discusses the additional modulation schemes and shows how to use Rohde & Schwarz measurement equipment to test the performance of the new add-ons.


Testing LTE-U capable eNodeB with R&S®SMW200A and R&S®FSW

This video explains the LTE-U technology and demonstrates how to efficiently measure LTE signals in the 5 GHz unlicensed band on eNodeBs using the R&S®SMW200A vector signal generator and the R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz.


LTE Signal Measurements Using the R&S®FSH Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

The video demonstrates the convenient user interface of the R&S®FSH handheld spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz to measure LTE signals.


Video over LTE – testing the next step in the end user experience

This webinar will illustrate how to establish and test the LTE video transmission link. Additionally, and equally importantly, it will show how the quality of the video transmission links can be measured under real-life propagation conditions and which metrics can be used to accomplish this task.


Webinar: LTE UE RF Measurements - Revolutions

In the third part of the Rohde & Schwarz webinar series on LTE UE RF measurements, we will discuss the details of carrier aggregation, its different types and its impact on how to test a device that supports carrier aggregation.


Webinar: LTE multicast (eMBMS) - ready for prime time?

This webinar focusses on the key technical aspects of LTE multicast.


Webinar: Design challenges for handset power amplifiers due to LTE-Advanced

This webinar discusses features and design implications of LTE-Advanced.


Webinar: A practical introduction to VoLTE testing in the field

This webinar shows the most important issues in the testing and troubleshooting of VoLTE networks.


Webinar: VoLTE based on IMS: How to ensure voice quality in the field

This webinar presents the technical background to VoLTE (based on IMS).


Webinar: Challenges in testing multistandard radio base stations

This webinar provides an overview of new developments in the design of mobile radio base stations.


Webinar: Carrier aggregation – (One) key enabler for LTE-Advanced

This webinar focuses on carrier aggregation, the most demanded feature in LTE-Advanced.


Webinar: LTE-Advanced modems coming to life

This webinar focuses on achieving standard compliance in LTE/LTE-A modem development.


Webinar: OTA measurements of LTE MIMO-enabled devices

The webinar focuses on the radiated approach, which takes arbitrary angles of arrival (AoAs) for the MIMO streams into account and provides sufficient control over the AoAs in 3D.


Demystifying TD-LTE

This webcast will highlight the major differences between LTE FDD and TD-LTE. It will also provide insights about the TD-LTE challenges for using only one frequency and separating reception and transmission in time.


Does your LTE network meet the expectations?

This webinar will explain how to determine the end user performance in a real life LTE network. It provides the key performance indicators to measure and to analyse in order to detect the root of a potential challenge in the network.


Make your LTE call now!

Our webinar shows which types of RF measurements have been defined for LTE-capable UE (user equipment), explains their meaning and describes how they can be performed using our R&S®CMW500 wideband radio communication tester – in connected mode of course.


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LTE / LTE-A / LTE-A Pro Webinars

Are you interested to learn more about LTE, LTE-A and LTE-A Pro? Watch our webinars to gain insights into the 3GPP specifications Releases 8 to 14, to discover important LTE technology components and to experience comprehensive LTE test solutions for the whole value chain, from R&D to conformance and from production and service to network deployment and optimization.

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