FE170ST/SR: sub-terahertz, above expectations

Welcome to the sub-THz revolution!

Groundbreaking test and measurement solutions for exploring sub-terahertz frequencies and exceeding expectations.

Sub-terahertz (sub-THz) communications are vital for realizing the next wave of technological advancement – from the anticipated development of 6G to next-generation radar, backhaul networks and sensing technologies.

At Rohde & Schwarz, we develop test and measurement solutions for sub-THz frequencies, priding ourselves on unmatched precision and versatility.

Our sub-terahertz solutions – from W to H band

Under the motto “Sub-Terahertz, Above Expectations”, our solutions offer a robust foundation for sub-THz research and exploration:

  • Our gamechanger! The cornerstone of our sub-Thz solutions, the R&S®SFI100A wideband IF vector signal generator, has a very wide RF modulation bandwidth and integrates with a range of frontends, power sensors and frequency converters for unparallelled flexibility and quality in sub-THz frequencies.
  • Our front ends: Integrating with the SFI100A, our frontends enable upconversion to new RF frequencies, without compromising on modulation bandwidth or signal quality. The R&S®FE110ST/SR frontends cover frequencies 70-110 GHz in the W band, while the R&S®FE170ST/SR frontends extend the frequency range to 110-175 GHz in the D band.
  • Our thermal power sensor: Fully calibrated for seamless integration with the R&S®SFI100A for precise power level measurement in the D band, our R&S®NRP170TWG(N) thermal power sensor combines ease of use with effortless innovation.
  • Coming soon: Our R&S®FC330ST/SR frequency converters will allow you to extend the frequency range to 220-330 GHz, helping you push the boundaries in the H band. Watch this space!
Our sub-terahertz solutions – from W to H band
Our sub-terahertz solutions – from W to H band

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Meet our gamechanger!

Meet our gamechanger!

R&S®SFI100A: Unleash unparalleled control

Ready to join the revolution? Discover what makes the R&S®SFI100A wideband IF vector signal generator the ideal instrument for sub-THz research.

Set to redefine sub-THz research, the R&S®SFI100A vector signal generator is the cornerstone of our sub-THz product line. It boasts an RF modulation bandwidth of up to 10 GHz and an ARB memory up to 8 Gsample and integrates perfectly with the R&S®FE170 and R&S®FE110ST, making it the ultimate tool for early 6G research.

Our sub-terahertz expert says:

Patrick Agyapong, Product Manager, Signal Generators, Wireless Communications

“The launch of the R&S®SFI100A is a significant milestone for our sub-terahertz portfolio. This innovative signal generator is set to transform early 6G research, next-generation radar, backhaul, and sensing technologies. The R&S®SFI100A offers researchers and developers unmatched precision and flexibility, enabling them to navigate and shape the future of wireless communication with ease.”

Frontends and power sensors for your sub-THz research needs



Embrace the power of the W band

Precision-engineered for sub-THz research, the R&S®FE110ST/SR frontends cover the 70-100 GHz range, delivering signal performance in a compact design.

  • Fully calibrated solution
  • Ease of operation
  • Compact form factor


D band excellence

With exceptional performance in the 110-175 GHz sub-THz frequency range, the R&S®FE170ST/SR invites you to discover the full potential of the D band.

  • Fully calibrated solution
  • Fully automated
  • Compact form factor


Sub-terahertz power sensors

The market’s only NMI-traceable power sensor for precise D band measurements, in the 110-175 GHz sub-THz frequency range.

  • Dynamic range: –35 dBm to +20 dBm
  • Outstanding performance for reference applications
  • Excellent impedance matching

Coming soon: R&S®FC330ST/SR

Push boundaries in the H band

Designed to elevate your sub-THz capabilities, the R&S®FC330STSR H band converters will cover 220-330 GHz with an ultra-wide bandwidth, ensuring precision across a broad spectrum.

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Dive deeper into our sub-THz solutions

How does each instrument in our portfolio work – and how do they integrate to enable exploration in sub-Thz communication and sensing? Watch our explainer videos to learn more.

R&S®SFI100A with our explainer video

What is the R&S®SFI100A all about?

Pushing the boundaries of 6G sub-THz research is just the beginning. Learn what the cornerstone of our “Sub-Terahertz: Above Expectations” family has to offer.

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R&S®FE110ST/SR: Embrace the power of the W band

What is the R&S®FE110 ST/SR all about?

Explore what embracing the power of the W band with the R&S FE110ST/SR means. We cover key features, benefits, integration capabilities and exciting applications in the 70-110 GHz sub-THz frequency range.

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What is the R&S®FE170 ST/SR all about?

What is the R&S®FE170 ST/SR all about?

Discover the key features, benefits and integration capabilities of the R&S®FE170ST/SR, as well as how which real-world applications these frontends support.

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Learn more about the fascinating realm of sub-THz and 6G

From modulated measurements in the sub-terahertz frequency region to close loop power control, let our videos deepen your understanding of sub-THz communication, from 6G and beyond.

Wideband modulated measurements with the R&S®SFI100A Vector Signal Generator

Modulated measurements with the R&S®SFI100A vector signal generator

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Closed-loop power control with R&S®SFI100A and R&S®NRP Power Sensors

Closed-loop power control with R&S®SFI100A and R&S®NRP Power Sensors

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Towards 6G: Wideband sub-THz communication testing

Towards 6G: Wideband sub-THz communication testing

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Signal generation and analysis up to 110 GHz with frontends

Signal generation and analysis up to 100 GHz with frontends

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Noise Figure and Gain Measurements of amplifiers from 75 GHz to 110 GHz

Noise figure and gain measurements of amplifiers from 75 GHz to 110 GHz

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Still not convinced?

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what Shahriar Shahramian from The Signal Path had to say about the R&S®FE170SR.

In his video, Shahriar dives deep into the features and capabilities of the R&S®FE170SR in a hands-on demonstration. From integration with other instruments, like the R&S®SMW and R&S®RTP, to optimizing and analyzing the signal, broadband image rejection analysis and more.

Poster: 6G - from mmWave to Terahertz

Poster: 6G, from mmWave to THz

THz communications is expected to be an essential 6G building block, not only for meeting the target requirements of maximum throughput and minimal latencies but also for producing exciting new applications. Anticipated use cases include holographic communications, extended reality (XR) and digital twinning.

Learn about this key 6G enabler with an informative, attractive poster - perfect for the lab or your personal workspace!


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