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Your partner for satellite ground station hardware and software equipment

INRADIOS, a Rohde & Schwarz company, is your partner for satellite ground station hardware and software equipment. The novel INRADIOS CSM system allows to autonomously scan and monitor satellite transponders. Spectrum sensing and carrier identification becomes simple when using INRADIOS CSM. Satellite link planning and transponder usage optimization can be done with the INRADIOS Satellite Link Planner software tool.

In the field of Internet of Things (IoT), INRADIOS and Rohde & Schwarz are responsible for key components of ICARUS system, the so-called “Internet of Animals”. INRADIOS developed the radio technology, the animal transmitters, the signal processing module for the International Space Station (ISS), and the terrestrial stations that can receive signals in place of the ISS.

Our Products

Communication System Monitoring

R&S®GSACSM Communication System Monitoring

  • Autonomous satellite signal monitoring
  • Detection of undercarrier signals
  • DVB-CID demodulation & multichannel signal quality measurements
  • Paired-carrier signal processing
  • Supports R&S®NRQ6 / FPS / FSW / TSME6 / FSVA / FSV / FPL / ESMD / ESME / MSR200
Satellite Link Planner

R&S®GSASLP Satellite Link Planner

  • Link budget analysis of complex multi-carrier scenarios
  • Modelling of transponder RF impairments (intermodulation, power robbing, gain compression)
  • Link budgets and transponder optimization to minimize power/bandwidth consumption of SATCOM scenarios
  • Impairment calculation due to adjacent satellite interference (ASI) and ITU weather recommendations
  • Route planning and optimization for mobile VSAT terminals, SOTM (SATCOM on the move) or UAV operations


Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

  • Operational link planning and resource allocation
  • Physical layer specification and optimization
  • Dirty RF signal processing and intermodulation compensation
  • Customized special purpose applications
  • Feasibility studies and cutting-edge technology review
  • Market studies for commercial off-the-shelf system architectures
Satellite Modem Technologies

Satellite Modem Technologies

  • Satellite channel modelling
  • Multi-carrier technologies
  • Non-linear pre-distortion algorithms
  • SATCOM channel sounders for IOT systems
  • SATCOM Modem test systems
  • Analysis of signal captures and measurements
Design Services

Design Services

  • Design of High Speed Mixed Signal Boards
  • Design of Multipurpose Boards
  • Multilayer FPGA Boards
  • ADC, DAC and HF Design
  • Design of Daughter cards or Programming Adapters
  • Special purpose DSP algorithm design and HDL implementation


  • Verilog and VHDL, FPGA prototyping systems
  • Proprietary modulators and demodulators
  • FEC Codecs, Equalizers and RF signal synchronization
  • Layer 1 and Layer 2 controllers
  • CDMA and OFDM system implementation
  • Small series production and test and preparation for mass production

Make ideas real - become part of our team in Dresden

Do you want to come up with your own ideas for real innovations? We offer you the perfect environment and the freedom you need to make that a reality. See for yourself and learn what teamwork looks like at INRADIOS and how we celebrate our successes and make ideas real.

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