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With decades of radio frequency expertise, combined with years of industry specialization, Rohde & Schwarz offers unique industry insights through the best technical training courses available on the market. We deliver trainings in a variety of formats including classroom training, on-demand online courses, virtual classroom training and tailored training at our modern offices in the heart of Munich.

The Rohde & Schwarz Technology Academy helps technical professionals develop valuable skills and gain deep knowledge through a range of high-quality and practical training courses delivered by real-world experts, certified at manufacturer’s quality. All of our courses are designed and delivered with real-world applications in mind. You will be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge, combined with proper certification, to your workplace, increasing both your own and your employer’s productivity.

Rohde & Schwarz has offered trainings for over 30 years to make customers ready for new technologies, application and of course products.

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The Rohde & Schwarz Technology Academy

Training portfolio

Classroom courses

Let our experienced instructors help you expand your knowledge, explain the latest test and measurement challenges, and present relevant solutions.

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On-demand online courses

Our courses are available on-demand 24/7 with a growing range of IEEE training courses.

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Virtual classroom courses
Virtual classroom courses

Access virtual classroom conveniently from your desk – followed by live Q&A sessions and live measurement demonstrations.

Tailored courses
Tailored courses

Customized training when and where you need it. Learn in your own work environment and apply your newly gained knowledge immediately.

Curious? Try out our free online training on RF and microwave basics:

Training benefits


What are the differences between course types?

We currently offer on-demand online, classroom, virtual classroom and tailored courses. They all depend on the type of approach you want to take – but the outcome is the same, high-quality knowledge delivered at the pace you and your team are looking for. On-demand courses can be taken online, whenever you want; classroom courses are held on predetermined days on Rohde & Schwarz campus; virtual courses are online with a set date and tailored courses are whatever you want them to be! Take a look at our infographic for more information.

Are the courses IEEE certified?

The Rohde & Schwarz Technology Academy offers a growing range of IEEE certified radio frequency, wireless and microwave engineering technology courses. The list is constantly being updated, and at the end of the course – relevant certification is issued to prove your continued commitment to professional development (CPD).

How is the curriculum made?

Our team of leading technical experts works tirelessly to develop the most up-to-date program available on the market. Combined with decades of real-world, industry experience, we have a unique insight into what is important and when. With the Rohde & Schwarz Technology Academy – you get practical knowledge and industry insight from real experts.

Are the courses focused on market segments, e.g. automotive?

It all depends on the topic. Some topics and technologies have a variety of applications, so the courses dedicated to them try to examine all of them. There are also some market segment specific courses available – for more questions, feel free to browse our courses or ask us, our technicians would be more than happy to help and find a solution for you.

How to choose the right training?

We understand that your time is valuable, and finding the right course and type of training is really important. You can browse all the courses we have available, or take a look at the infographic we have prepared to find the right course type – or you can contact us directly and our technicians will be more than happy to answer with any question that you have.

For any questions, feel free to contact our team.

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