Antenna systems

The Rohde & Schwarz antenna product line encompasses a wide range of highly sensitive active and passive antennas for mobile and stationary use, providing complete coverage. We deliver platform specific integrated antenna solutions with optimized decoupling, where performance equals coverage. We also ensure optimal integration into a superstructure with minimal influence on the ship's sensors and effectors. The space for installing transmit antennas is limited on ships.

We solve this problem by providing broadband HF systems that enable multiple transmission systems to transmit simultaneously via the same antenna. In addition, broadband systems can either be operated in single-line mode, for example using four lines with 1 kW each, or in combiner mode, with a transmit power of 4 kW to ensure maximum range.

Antenna systems
Antenna systems

Integrated antenna systems (IAS) are installed on a single mast and have an ingenious space-saving, interference-free design.

The German Navy, for example, uses the latest Rohde & Schwarz IAS, which is adapted to and integrated into the ship's mast architecture. This IAS unites a multitude of individual antennas to form a single antenna. One of the many advantages is that this significantly reduced the radar cross section compared with conventional antennas. The transceivers for the corresponding radio communications lines are connected to the antenna via a suitable coupling network.

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