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Creating solutions using Rohde & Schwarz products can help solve issues in many areas of today’s broadcasting and media world. We focus on performance, interoperability and openness in our development efforts because we believe that's the best way to enable our customers, in the most cost-efficient and operationally effective manner, to create solutions that include our products. Read on to learn how our products can be combined to yield flexible, capable and forward-thinking solutions for your business.

Our solutions

Studio Production

Production environments are highly dynamic workplaces. Rohde & Schwarz has many years of experience in manufacturing solutions for demanding, high-performance, high-quality studios. Read more to learn how our products are ready for today and built for tomorrow.

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Post Production

The creativity that goes into your content shouldn’t be devalued on its way to the customer. That’s why Rohde & Schwarz post production systems offer the speed, reliability and quality to match your expectations. With content values rising, we offer mastering and media storage solutions that bring business security and high performance to your post production workflows.

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Pixel Power, a Rohde & Schwarz company, is a master control playout company dedicated to the goal of continually improving our customers' ability to enhance and monetise the media delivery experience. Whatever the scale or complexity of your system, we have everything to make it a creative, technical and financial success.

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Delivering content to customers is an important monetization step for the media business. Reliability, efficiency and robustness are key ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction and quality of experience. With decades of experience in wired and wireless delivery systems and media signal monitoring combined with growing capabilities in new delivery systems such as 5G Broadcast, Rohde & Schwarz can help with your distribution challenges.

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Test and measurement for broadcasting

Rohde & Schwarz T&M solutions help ensure reliable installation and maintenance of infrastructures for terrestrial and wired distribution of media content. Rohde & Schwarz broadcast receivers can help you comply with broadcast regulations and ensure the reliability, quality and efficiency of your infrastructures.

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IBC | Rohde & Schwarz

IBC 2021

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Insights and Stories

Software defined cloud broadcast workflows

This demonstration will show R&S Pixel Power products being used in a playout or master control environment.

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Rohde & Schwarz part of UK sponsored consortium for 5G live event media delivery project

A new UK-based project is developing the means to broadcast live events over 5G networks and is sponsored by the UK government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Read here how Rohde & Schwarz is contributing to this exciting project.

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Growing businesses in a new world of software solutions, post Covid

In the first interview of 2021, it is appropriate that we introduce Andreas Loges, the new Vice President of the, Media Technologies business within Rohde & Schwarz’s Broadcast & Media Division. Here, we discuss with Andreas the challenge facing him and his team in supporting customers in one of the most difficult business environments the broadcast industry has known for generations.

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Proving our sustainability credentials at the VideoTech Innovation Awards

Climate change is a critical issue facing society today. Read here how Rohde & Schwarz is continually striving to minimize its carbon footprint and is being recognized by the broadcast industry for its efforts.

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Welcome to Rohde & Schwarz: let Showtime begin!

Normally we would meet you face to face at tradeshows around the world, but since that’s not possible this year Rhode & Schwarz has created its very own SHOWTIME.

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DTVE VideoTech Innovation Awards

In mid-October, Digital TV Europe (DTVE), creator of the VideoTech Innovation Awards announced that Rohde & Schwarz has been shortlisted for its Sustainability Award. The shortlisting relates to R&S transmitter products, especially associated with the US Repack initiative – read more here.

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SpycerNode - unleash the beast in your media storage

Back IBC 2018, Rohde & Schwarz introduced a revolutionary new concept in broadcast media storage. SpycerNode pioneers the use of super-computer technology in the media storage space bringing massive fully redundant processing power to the broadcast media challenge but what are the advantages of employing SpycerNode in a studio production environment and why should people in broadcast buy it?

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From heavy iron to software clouds

Without doubt, Rohde & Schwarz has missed attending IBC this year. It is a high-water mark of our year: an opportunity to meet face-to-face with many of our most important customers and demonstrate what is new and exciting in our company.

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Rohde & Schwarz launches SHOWTIME to engage one-to-one with customers in the absence of major tradeshows

Following the cancellation of NAB and IBC, Rohde & Schwarz has launched SHOWTIME, a virtual sales & marketing initiative that provides new and different approaches to customer engagement.

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Rohde & Schwarz transmitters - from DAB to 5G and beyond

IBC is a highlight every year for Rohde & Schwarz since it provides a fantastic opportunity for us to meet and spend time face-to-face with our customers. But even without IBC, business still goes on. Here, Manfred Reitmeier talks through some of the highlights that we would have announced in Amsterdam.

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Rohde & Schwarz & Digita Complete Multi-Million Euro DVB-T2 Terrestrial Transmission Network Upgrade in Finland

Supplying an 80+ network of DVB-T2 transmitters across Finland gives Rohde & Schwarz high market share for High and Medium power TV transmitters in the country. Also, a simultaneous 5G Broadcast pilot demonstrates the power and potency of R&S High Power, High Tower transmitter technology.

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What can we learn from lockdown?

We live in uncertain times. But can lockdown encourage positive change and embolden progressive mindsets? Cornelius Heinemann, Executive Vice President at Rohde & Schwarz sees opportunities for the company to grow and evolve.

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Rohde & Schwarz highlights power and sophistication of solid-state satellite amplifiers

Rohde & Schwarz is a company that has pioneering research & development running throughout its DNA. In days where companies increasingly think short-term – how are we going to get through the next quarter, for example – Rohde & Schwarz bucks that trend. If the goal is worthwhile, Rohde & Schwarz will invest many man (and woman) years of R&D in the development of new concepts.

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Software defined cloud broadcast workflows

This demonstration will show R&S Pixel Power products being used in a playout or master control environment. R&S Pixel Power uses two of its own key technologies to do this, StreamMaster, a media processing engine and Gallium, the workflow orchestration technology.

Case Studies

Major Broadcaster trusts R&S®SpycerNode HPC Storage for news operations

One of America’s leading broadcasters needed a highthroughput storage solution for news graphics. The solution had to support more than 300 clients while located in two sites and kept in active synchronization, providing a high level of resilience.

Rohde & Schwarz demonstrated the performance of its R&S®SpycerNode solution in a proof-of-concept (PoC) phase. The full implementation runs over a dedicated subnet on 100 Gbit Ethernet connectivity for secure delivery of urgent news graphics.

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R&S®PRISMON plays invaluable role in PBS cloud encoding, playout evaluation

American public broadcaster PBS relies on R&S®PRISMON for a multitude of monitoring tasks like verifying encoding quality in the cloud, monitoring latency between cloud and on-premise signals and many more.

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New World Symphony deploys the R&S®SpycerNode to satisfy its massive storage requirements

Miami based New World Symphony (NWS) is recognized around the world for training the next generation of musicians for leadership roles in professional orchestras and ensembles, but what’s less well-known yet equally impressive is the institution’s recently unveiled 4K Ultra-HD production, recording and presentation system.

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New state-of-the-art production centre for SRF with virtualized multiviewers

A revolutionary News and Sports Centre for SRF is the most ambitious project that SRF and tpc have embarked on for decades. R&S®PRISMON multiviewer supports the project.

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Cinelab’s long-term investment in R&S CLIPSTER

Rohde & Schwarz supports Cinelab London’s team of film specialists, who are known for excellent service and quality of work, committed to producing best quality images.

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R&S®CLIPSTER helps Elite Media Technologies to adopt IMF

The company deploys R&S®CLIPSTER as a complete mastering solution for all post-production needs - including the creation of IMF packages

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Molinare – the leading UK supplier of postproduction solutions

Whether it be UHD and HDR projects for Netflix and Amazon,feature films, high-end TV dramas and documentaries or factual entertainment, Molinare’s creative excellence is visible and audible in every project. This has been recognized with multiple Emmy, BAFTA and RTS awards and nominations...Click on "Download now" to read the full case study.

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Saving the past with a Rohde & Schwarz storage solution

R3store Studios and use R&S®SpycerBox Ultra TL devices, which have proved to be a reliable, robust and fast storage and client serving solution.

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Digitizing cultural assets with R&S®CLIPSTER

Saving historical film documents is the challenge being tackled by Studio Hamburg Postproduction. Now it’s up to R&S®CLIPSTER to safeguard priceless cultural assets.

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Mission-critical mastering with R&S®CLIPSTER

Motion Pictures Solution needs to work with the latest technologies to address the numerous market demands for HDR and SDR deliverables. They decided for R&S®CLIPSTER.

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Rohde & Schwarz aquires PixelPower Limited

Rohde & Schwarz has acquired Pixel Power Ltd., a technology leader in television branding, graphics, automation, master control and playout. With this acquisition Rohde & Schwarz is executing its plan to expand further in broadcast playout while taking ownership of a company with significant technological leader- ship. The subsidiary will be renamed "Pixel Power Ltd. - A Rohde & Schwarz Company".

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R&S CLIPSTER supports EBU UHD tests at European Championships 2018

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will be leading trials with several EBU members and industry partners of production workflows to shoot, process, record, and distribute live Ultra High Definition (UHD) content.

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Making work flow at The Farm post production services

The Farm Group recently invested in R&S®SpycerBox storage solutions and R&S®CLIPSTER mastering systems to meet the rising demand for UHD and HDR post work.

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R&S®CLIPSTER mastering solution puts the sparkle into world premieres at Berlinale

The Berlinale is the meeting place for international filmmakers. And the technology solutions used there must meet their high standards. Read our case study how R&S®CLIPSTER records and creates DCPs on time.

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Pinewood Studios in London relies on Rohde & Schwarz products

The versatile, reliable, high-performance R&S®SpycerBoxes from Rohde & Schwarz give Pinewood a range of ingest and storage solutions that meet their exacting needs.

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Rohde & Schwarz – top technology over many years for ARRI Media

As a full post production service provider with the concept of a one stop shop, it is vitally important for ARRI Media to use reliable, endurable, state-of-the-art technology to meet the high expectations of their customers...Click on "Download now" to read the full case study.

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Premium content

Radio transmission with HD Sync feature

Read the white paper about the new HD SYNC feature of the R&S®HDR900 exporter which enables a permanent measurement and an automatic time-alignment of the analog and digital signal.

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The lowdown on OTT - eBook

Technical and commercial processes have completely changed the market dynamics between traditional broadcast and OTT service providers. OTT continues to evolve into a more reliable delivery system with technologies such as CMAF, OMAF, AV1, VVC, VR, 5G and many more becoming widely deployed over the next few years in order to bring rich immersive content to a screen near you. This paper looks at the new OTT technologies and the challenges and opportunities they bring.

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Webinar: 5G Broadcast - Engine of Next Generation Networks

Join a special webinar hosted by TVB Europe where you can learn how this new business development can generate fresh audiences and major revenue streams for organizations like yours.

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5G Broadcast for Mobile TV in a nutshell – eBook

Sometimes, new technologies compliment established ones. One such case is that of digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) which seems doomed to be replaced by IP-based systems. This eBook explains how the integration of the latest mobile telecommunications technologies are a perfect partner for DTT and can put it on a completely new and significant growth path.

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Dealing with external interference in a gap filler network - eBook

Gap filler network operators desire three things: top signal quality, best reliability and minimal operating costs. But today’s products only allow optimizing two of these at most.

Let’s talk about issues and options.

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Cost effective IP contribution and distribution - eBook

Anyone working in the broadcast and media world cannot have failed to notice the impact that IP technology is having on the industry. Whether in a studio production or at a live outside broadcast, IP-based content transport systems simplify content acquisition. IP-based delivery systems also extend the reach of content providers at reduced cost per viewer. Download our eBook to learn more.

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Interoperability and content exchange made easy with IMF - eBook

This eBook looks at the latest changes to the standards and sheds light on its application in a range of scenarios from cinema to broadcast.

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How to reduce network complexity with modern storage solutions - eBook

If your business handles large volumes of film, video, and computer graphic data as part of your daily workflow, then there is a requirement for a fast and reliable storage architecture.

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Software-based intelligent content monitoring powered by R&S®ALASS technology - white paper

How to monitor simultaneously and in a correlated manner, the same content across a broad set of distribution paths with R&S®ALASS technology.

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One eye on 2018 – OTT, IP, HDR and cyber security - eBook

In this exclusive report, we examine some of the key trends for 2018.

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Quo Vadis? Amplifiers for SAT uplinks

Many of the current high-power KU-band amplifiers are tube-based, and high-power amplifiers with transistors are just now becoming available. Read more in our White Paper "Quo Vadis? Amplifiers for SAT uplinks – TWTA vs. SSPA – What is the future?"

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How will IP impact broadcast contribution services and how to take advantage of the technology?

IP can impact on many areas of broadcast operations: One key area is IP-based content contribution. Read more in our eBook "IP-based broadcast contribution and primary distribution – revolution or evolution?

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Beyond resolution – HDR, WCG and HFR

Picture quality has been the most important topic for everyone involved in video production ever since television broadcasting began. Today, the discussion about the “WOW” factors beyond resolution is still going on. With this whitepaper, Rohde & Schwarz takes a detailed look back into the historical background, today’s present and future developments in picture quality.

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10 Questions you need to ask before you purchase a new solid-state transmitter

Whether it is ensuring your transmitter remains compatible with future standards such as ATSC 3.0, meets FCC repack requirements, how you can calculate the true cost of ownership and who should handle the installation and provide on-going support, we have the must-read issues you need to consider.

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