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The new standard for people screening systems

As pioneers in modern security screening, Rohde & Schwarz millimeterwave body scanners redefine standards for safety and efficiency.

  • Automatic detection of concealed items regardless of material
  • Highest throughput with scan times in the millisecond range
  • Highest resolution with market-leading millimeterwave technology
  • Low maintenance cost thanks to no moving parts
  • Easy and secure network integration via the R&S®QPS Server solution
  • Intuitive, easy to use touchscreen operation
  • Barrier-free entry and exit for wheelchair users
  • 100% safe technology with no health risks
  • Privacy protection according to the latest cybersecurity standards

R&S®QPS security scanners are installed at major international airports worldwide and approved for use by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and the United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA). They have also been used at high-profile events such as the Munich Security Conference (MSC).

Security based on enhanced advanced imaging technology (eAIT)

Traditional security screening technologies are limited in the items they are able to detect. For example, walk-through metal detectors (WTMD) can only locate metallic items. The R&S®QPS security scanners, on the other hand, use cutting edge millimeterwave technology to detect concealed objects of all kinds - regardless of material. This makes them highly versatile and well-suited to a wide range of applications:

High resolution detection of concealed threats and contraband is still a challenge despite the introduction of advanced imaging technology (AIT) over a decade ago. Rohde & Schwarz has further developed this technology: R&S®QPS security scanners are based on enhanced advanced imaging technology (eAIT), which allows even the smallest objects to be detected.

Just like mobile phones or the radar sensors used in modern vehicles, millimeterwave technology uses non-ionizing radiation, and the output power is only a tiny fraction of what a mobile phone would produce. This means that it is 100% safe, both for the security personnel and scanned persons.

Introduction to the QPS scanner

Advanced Screening Technology

Safe millimeter wave radio technology explained

Security threats today evolve rapidly, and in an ever-changing environment, technology solutions must keep up. To counter current and emerging threats, security operators need technology solutions that can quickly adapt. Utilizing safe millimeter wave radio technology, the R&S®QPS automatically identifies concealed objects and threats.

Security screening based on artificial intelligence

The R&S®QPS automated detection capability relies on AI-based algorithms that are trained to target a wide range of object classes of all materials, such as metals, liquids, ceramics, plastics, granulates, powders, organics and much more. This differentiates the R&S®QPS scanners from traditional metal detectors and allows the scanner to not only keep up with evolving threat scenarios but also meet specific application requirements. R&S®QPS scanners can detect 3D-printed weapons, bank notes, small perfume bottles, data bearing devices and metal powders - just to name a few examples. It does not, however, limit itself to the particular objects it was trained with. Rather, it detects anomalies in general to discover new and unknown threats.

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Advanced Technology Solutions Made by Rohde & Schwarz

Video: The Evolution of Security with R&S QPS

Discover the future of physical security with the R&S®QPS. Crafted in-house by our team of dedicated engineers, the R&S®QPS embodies privacy, efficiency and ease-of-use.

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Revolutionizing Security Screening with the R&S®QPS Walk2000

Video: Revolutionizing Security Screening with the R&S®QPS Walk2000

Discover the future of security screening with the R&S®QPS Walk2000, an innovative solution that combines security, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

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Webinar: Can Technology Solutions Meet the Challenge of Employee Theft in Production, Logistics and Distribution?

Learn about high performance millimeter wave people screening solutions optimized and customizable for use in a wide range of loss prevention use cases.

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Application Card: Safe, accurate security screening

While we want powerful systems which effectively detect threats, these same mechanisms must certainly not harm the people who are scanned.

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Application Card: Designed to preserve privacy

Designed specifically to protect personal privacy and minimize intrusive secondary screening measures.

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Application Card: Simple open design

A simple open design for a spacious screening environment and unobstructed view for security personnel, makes high-resolution people screening more comfortable and efficient.

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Application Card: Fast, high-resolution screening improved accuracy

The technology must balance between security effectiveness, operational efficiency, and user experience. This requires advanced fast scanning methods that combine operational comfort with accurate and efficient threat detection.

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Application Card: Security through technology

Security operations have long demanded higher performance technology to support efficient checkpoint operations with enhanced detection capabilities of an expanding range of threats and prohibited items.

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Security Screening FAQs

What is security screening?

Security screening is a protective measure that involves the inspection of people and objects to assess potential threats and prevent them. Security screening is typically a combination of various methods: body scans, metal detectors, bag checks, etc. It is usually associated with preventing people from bringing potentially dangerous items into a space. For example, airports want to prevent passengers from bringing certain items onto a plane. However, security screening is also important for preventing people from taking objects out and reducing theft.

What is a security scanner?

A security scanner is a device that is used to screen people for unwanted objects. A security scanner can be based on a variety of different technologies, and the best option depends on the specific application. Most people are familiar with metal detectors, which was used for people screening in the past. Today, state-of-the-art people screening systems rely on millimeterwaves with advanced imaging technology (AIT). Rohde & Schwarz security scanners take this a step further with enhanced advanced imaging technology (eAIT), which uses a much higher frequency than legacy AIT technologies, thus enabling higher scan resolution.

Is millimeterwave technology safe?

Yes, the millimeterwave imaging technology used by R&S®QPS scanners are safe and pose no health risks. The waves are reflected by the skin and are non-invasive. The technology is also certified for safe use by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). It uses frequencies similar to those of a vehicle distance warning system, and the transmitted power at the scanned person’s location is several orders of magnitude lower than mobile phone emissions.

What are the advantages of millimeterwave body scanners?

Rohde & Schwarz millimeterwave body scanners have many benefits, including:

  • Ability to detect objects regardless of material
  • Highest image resolution, bandwidth and dynamic range
  • Extremely short scan times
  • Non-ionizing radiation that poses no health risks
  • Service coverage for peace of mind
  • A team of dedicated specialists committed to supporting your needs

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