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Evolving security threats in an ever-changing environment call for solutions that meet these demanding challenges. In use at security screening operations around the world and deployed at security checkpoints in airports, correctional facilities, industrial plants, military compounds and other facilities, our personnel scanning solutions quickly screen subjects using safe, millimeter wave radio frequency technology and advanced artificial intelligence methods. The proven technology rapidly, accurately and automatically detects concealed objects made of any material, relying on a ‘no contact’ process.

Typical applications

The advanced scanning technology of the QPS family of products detects all types of potentially prohibited items such as metallic objects, ceramics, plastics, powders, liquids or gels to just name a few. Its wide range of detection capabilities and its high resolution make the R&S®QPS the ideal solution for multiple applications.

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Typical applications

Feature and benefits

Reliable detection

The innovative automatic threat detection software far outperforms human detection capabilities. Machine-trained artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms search for conspicuous objects of all material types and can locate them precisely. The scanners search for anomalies indicating unusual objects rather than for certain items. The system design allows full body coverage and has been certified by some of the most stringent regulatory authorities incl. ECAC, TSA and CAAC.

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No risk to health

R&S®QPS scanners use non-ionizing millimeter wave technology. This means they do not emit potentially harmful ionizing radiation like that of x-rays. Millimeter waves are reflected off the skin and do not penetrate the body. In times of a global pandemic, its contactless concept makes R&S®QPS the superior solution compared to any type of pat-down security checks.

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Fast, high-resolution security screening

The Rohde & Schwarz millimeter wave advanced imaging technology for security screening solutions detects concealed threats and contraband faster and more effectively than any other people screening system today. The R&S®QPS portfolio also includes a walk-through system for highest throughput requirements. It allows persons to walk naturally through the system, without stopping or specific operator instructions and can provide real-time detection results based on a 360° screening process.

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Simple open design

The R&S®QPS improves the security screening experience by having a simple open design for a spacious screening environment and unobstructed view for security personnel, making high-resolution personnel screening more comfortable and efficient than ever before. It allows wheelchair access and can be used in case of an emergency as exit. It has a minimal footprint for seamless integration into almost any existing environment.

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Your specific level of security

The adaptive AI-based software and machine-learning algorithms allow the R&S®QPS to be set up for specific detection capabilities or operational procedures. This has proven particularly successful in deployments where unusual contraband needs to be detected, such as liquid, glass or even meat in specific loss prevention scenarios. The adaptive nature of AI software can continue to adapt to future requirements.

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Designed to preserve privacy

The R&S®QPS completely automates the detection of concealed threats. It is completely gender neutral and no body images are created for detection or review by screeners and no signal return results are stored on the system. Instead, if the system detects any potential threat, it indicates its location on a generic human avatar to help security operators promptly resolve any alarms and maintain passenger throughput.

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Tailored services

Rohde & Schwarz ensures a superior service experience for the whole lifecycle thanks to a reliable network of excellent and competent service partners. In addition, Rohde & Schwarz provides certification training to pass on knowledge and service standards directly to the contractually agreed service partner technicians, effectively contributing to continuous and excellent service quality.

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Low total cost of ownership

Rohde & Schwarz stands for high tech engineering and outstanding quality. The R&S®QPS security scanners follow a modular and easy-to-repair design idea that eliminates unnecessary downtimes or maintenance. The R&S®QPS security scanners not only convince with their modernized concept of operation and improved level of security screening, but also with their reduced total cost of ownership over lifecycle.

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R&S®QPS Walk2000

R&S®QPS Walk2000

The R&S®QPS Walk2000 security scanner uses a novel approach, based on a multiple array of micropower ultra-wideband (UWB) radio sensors. Persons being scanned simply walk through the system at a normal pace.

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The R&S®QPS201 security scanner delivers high-precision and efficient security control while ensuring an unobtrusive and uncomplicated experience for scanned persons. Certified by the ECAC, TSA and CAAC, it is in operation at numerous airports and correctional facilities worldwide.

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Millimeterwave screening for loss prevention

People screening for loss prevention, employee screening, data centers security, high-value manufacturing, event security and others rely upon insufficient metal detection systems and personnel intensive measures like physical inspections and pat-downs. The performance challenges and staffing requirements of these legacy people screening technologies have consistently undercut the business cases for making investments to procure and operate.

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