R&S Mobile Connectivity

R&S Mobile Connectivity

R&S Mobile Connectivity solution using Indigo for smartphones and tablets

Combines convenient and secure working with sensitive data

The R&S Mobile Connectivity solution using Indigo combines convenient and secure working with sensitive data on smartphones and tablets in accordance with the VS-NfD standard, making every day work easier for users in government and security-critical environments.

BSI-approved Indigo as IT security system

BSI has examined the general security features and confirmed the effectiveness of the embedded security features

The BSI has examined the general security features and the possibilities for the secure use of the devices for the iOS and iPadOS operating systems. The tests have confirmed the effectiveness of the embedded security features and concluded that the apps for Calendar, Contacts, and Mail integrated into commercial iPhone and iPad devices also complement the existing portfolio of secure mobile solutions when processing information in the classification level “Verschlusssache - nur für den Dienstgebrauch.”

The evaluation was performed by an independent laboratory and BSI, on the basis of the standards and methodology of the internationally recognized Common Criteria. The solution is known as indigo.

Source: https://support.apple.com/fr-fr/guide/certifications/apc37dae516c6/web

Special features of R&S Mobile Connectivity solution

The R&S Mobile Connectivity solution thus represents an important step forward for organizations and companies that prefer secure mobile communication with mobile devices to perform their daily tasks while meeting the highest security requirements.

R&S Mobile Connectivity solution

Standard devices and guaranteed updates

Standard iPhones and iPads can be used. Supplier guarantees free updates for at least 5 years. After the end of use, resale is possible, with high resale values to be expected.

One device - for private and secured professional usage

Two tasks can be covered with just one mobile device: Private and protected use - all without neglecting compliance with VS-NfD guidelines. Email, calendar, contacts and optional messenger, intranet browser can be used as pre-installed standard applications in the highly secure area - no container solution.

R&S Mobile Connectivity solution has BSI approval

The Indigo platform received approval for use from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in October 2022. Due to the BSI’s confirmation as a secure platform, no additional smartcards or SD cards are required as security anchors.

The VS-NfD components used

The solution uses three main components: an smartphone or tablet end device, a VS-NfD-approved VPN gateway and an MDM.

One solution - from planning to operation

The two security specialists Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity and agilimo Consulting offer a comprehensive solution: Complete VPN backend, Mobile Device Management (MDM), and automated certificate management.


R&S Mobile Connectivity solution using iOS Native Devices in Government Operation

Indigo which stands for “iOS Native Devices in Government Operation” and is a convenient and secure solution developed by Apple for iPhones and iPads in government use. This platform enables the use of end devices up to classification level VS-NfD and offers advantages such as the use of standard Apple hardware and software as well as native apps.


Security specialists R&S Cybersecurity and agilimo Consulting

A specialized and competent team for the protection of sensitive data - IT Security Made in Germany

agilimo Consulting operates a German Security Operations Center and implements solutions for cybersecurity, cyber defense and mobile, highly secure working in accordance with the VS-NfD standard. More than two decades of experience in projects of national and international organizations ensure sustainable, secure and high-performance cooperation. Together with Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, the R&S Mobile Connectivity solution has been realized.

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