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Opening the black box of memory with Hermann Ruckerbauer


Copenhagen, DK Feb 19 - 21, 2024
Munich, DE Feb 26 - 28, 2024




Expert instructor: Hermann Ruckerbauer

Are you developing hardware for an "embedded computer system"?

Then DRAM memory is part of nearly all your designs, with every new memory interface generation, margins are getting smaller and the full understanding and functionality behind the memory is often unknown.

Layout and design guides are followed without deep background knowhow and difficult to judge impacts and deviations, this makes troubleshooting quite difficult.

This 3-day intensive course will bring you back in control with a full deep dive understanding of everything that goes on in the memory interface. It also includes practical measurements and how to qualify a memory design using a modern oscilloscope and S-parameter measurements and what to watch out for when using built-in wizard and troubleshooting features.

Rohde & Schwarz have teamed up with the course instructor, senior expert, Hermann Ruckerbauer from EyeKnowHow, He will assist and train you, Hermann Ruckerbauer is the industry leading high-speed simulation and measurement consultant.

Course content

  • Inside the memory: What‘s inside the components?
  • Basic commands: How to access the DDR memory?
  • DRAM Specifications
  • Application Test for Memory
  • Understanding DIMM’s
  • Routing and Layout: Real-world implementation
  • Focus technologies are (LP)DDR4 and (LP)DDR5. Some retrospect to DDR3 (and before) is included as well
  • Signal and power integrity (SI/PI)
  • S-Parameter: How to read data in the frequency domain?
  • Compliance testing and what to watch out for
  • ECC: How does it work and how to test it?

The course language is English. Hermann will take questions and offline discussions in German as well.

Why take a course on memory interface design?

For all systems, the memory interface design is one of the key elements to get right. This is often the highest density routing on the board. And also has the most complex interface.


The course assumes knowledge of digital design at the PCB level. No advanced math is required.

What’s included:

  • Live demos on high-end equipment
  • Very comprehensive material in PDF format
  • Course certificate
  • Coffee, fruit, lunch and cake
  • A limit of 25 participants


Price per participant for the face-to-face 3-day course: €2400 ex. VAT. .

Payment terms – found here


This course is organized in collaboration with our partners, EE-training and EyeKnowHow.

If you have questions to the training courses listed or have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Copenhagen - DK

Business Centre Winghouse
Ørestads blvd 73
2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Munich - DE

Courtyard & Residence Inn
Munich City East
Orleansstraße 81 - 83
81667 Munich, Germany

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Expert instructor

Hermann Ruckerbauer

Hermann Ruckerbauer

Hermann Ruckerbauer is a consultant and owner of EyeKnowHow. Before founding EyeKnowHow, Hermann worked with dynamic memory design and memory interface design at Qimonda AG, Infineon Technologies, and Siemens/Infineon for many years and worked with JEDEC for the definition of new dynamic memory standards.