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Written by Sindhu Yogish | October 4, 2023

MNT Tech Insights (part 2): Orange innovations - 5G advanced experience and benchmarking score methodology adaptation

Presenting part 2 of the MNT Tech Insights which is based on sessions from the MNT Forum, an inhouse hybrid event hosted by Rohde & Schwarz in Munich. The forum was attended by the industry professionals from the cellular network ecosystem to exchange innovative ideas.

MNT Tech Insights (part 2): Orange innovations - 5G advanced experience and benchmarking score methodology adaptation

Mobile network operators are the significant part of the ecosystem and I had an interesting discussion with one of the experts, Dariusz Szewczak from Orange regarding innovation in the 5G environment.

Sindhu Yogish: In your opinion, how well are the 5G standalone networks evolving?

Dariusz Szewczak:

  • It’s hard to answer this question and it’s hard to evaluate the level of evolution, but from my personal believe 5G SA is the real game changer for telecom industry
  • All the clients will benefit from it because of lower latency, higher throughput and the promises of network slicing and mobile private networks (MPN) creation

Absolutely, network slicing in the both operator spectrum and dedicated industry spectrum will drive the private 5G networks. Since Orange is an innovative company can you give us a little more insight into your projects.

Sindhu Yogish: What is the Orange offering for 5G private networks (PIKEO)? Can you explain its advantages?

Dariusz Szewczak:

With PIKEO we’ve just build the 5G standalone (5G SA) network from the scratch so right now we are ready to recommend the advantages of it to the business customers and together with them build solutions suited to their needs dedicated MPN on our own.

Very interesting to learn you are providing tailored solutions based on your learnings. As you have built the entire network you would have defined some standards and benchmarks for the network optimization.
I would be really curious to understand the techniques that you implement.

Sindhu Yogish: How do you define DSBO and its alignment with ETSI benchmarking principals?

Dariusz Szewczak:

  • DSBO stands for data service benchmark and optimization. It is an internal Orange initiative which aims to:
    • Evaluate the quality of mobile networks and services of all the operators in European countries where Orange is present and we are working to roll out its scope for MEA
    • Apart from this we give the recommendations and optimization hints which can increase the performance of Orange affiliates networks and improve the quality of services delivered to Orange customers.
  • We are providing all those activities in accordance with Annex B of ETSI TR 103 559 document, so we are respecting ETSI recommendations and we can say that DSBO is transparent and objective.

Well, great to hear about the internally defined standards which is also in line with the ETSI.
There have been several projects, so I have to ask you this.

Sindhu Yogish: What is your view on collaboration and projects with Rohde & Schwarz now and in the future?

Dariusz Szewczak:

I really appreciate the involvement of Rohde & Schwarz in the domain of mobile network testing. I would like to have the level of knowledge and experience of your experts and it was the real pleasure to exchange the ideas with all the participants during MNT Forum.
I wish we can meet next year.

Thank you very much for your time, Dariusz, and we are more than happy to host you over the coming years.

To all our readers, watch this space for interesting discussions coming your way. Stay tuned!

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