R&S®AREG100A automotive radar echo generator

R&S®AREG100A automotive radar echo generator
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R&S®AREG100A automotive radar echo generator
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R&S®AREG100A automotive radar echo generator, application imageR&S®AREG100A automotive radar echo generator, application image

Key Facts

  • Supports 24 GHz, 77 GHz and 79 GHz automotive radar sensors
  • Future proof with instantaneous bandwidths of up to 4 GHz
  • 4 m minimum artificial object distance for short range radar testing
  • Up to 4 artificial objects in fixed distances at the same time
  • Controllable radial velocity for each artificial object individually or for all artificial objects together
  • 3-year warranty extension

Reliable production testing of automotive radar sensors made easy

The R&S®AREG100A Automotive Radar Echo Generator is a smart and robust solution for testing automotive radar sensors in production. With the R&S®AREG100A, production engineers profit from a perfect balance of flexibility of test cases and at the same time simple and robust operation.

I    Supports all automotive radar bands
I    4 GHz instantaneous bandwidth
I    4 m minimum artificial object distance

Caractéristiques & avantages

Reliable and flexible echo generation

  • Install up to four different, customer defined fixed delay lines to simulate unrelated object echoes
  • Simulate echoes with minimum delay for short range radar (SRR) sensor tests
  • Simulate echoes for long range radar (LRR) sensor tests
  • Select additional Doppler offsets to simulate radial velocity for each artificial object individually or for all artificial objects together

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With the R&S®AREG100A it has never been easier to monitor the quality of automotive radar sensors in mass production.

Test today’s and tomorrow’s radar sensors

  • Choose a 24 GHz ISM band frontend, an E-band frontend or both together for sequential operation
  • Profit from a future proof wideband E-band frontend with 4 GHz instantaneous bandwidth for short range radar (SRR) sensor test
  • All frontends in a single antenna configuration for superior MIMO testing performance or in a two antenna configuration with high RX/TX isolation for lowest ringaround.

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R&S®AREG100A with single antenna frontend for reliable testing of MIMO radar sensors

Ready for RED

  • Measure the sensor’s equivalent radiated isotropic power (EIRP) in line with the applicable standards with a connected R&S NRP8S(N) power sensor
  • Verify robustness of radar sensors against in-band interferers with a connected analog or vector signal generator
  • Measure occupied bandwidth and unwanted emissions with a connected signal and spectrum analyzer

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The R&S®AREG100A and the R&S®FSW8 are the perfect team for convenient measurement of radar signal parameters in the E band.

Simple and stable operation

  • Linux based operating system for maximum software stability
  • Optimized for minimum footprint with just 3 HUs
  • SCPI macro recorder with automatic code generator
  • Intuitive GUI for user friendly operation

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Simple man-machine interface for user friendly configuration with intuitive GUI and toch screen control

Frequency rangeR&S®AREG-B124S/-B124D24 GHz to 24.25 GHz, single or dual antenna
R&S®AREG-B177S/-B177D76 GHz to 77 GHz, single or dual antenna
R&S®AREG-B181S/-B181D76 GHz to 81 GHz, single or dual antenna
Signal bandwidth
Instantaneous bandwidthR&S®AREG-B124S/-B124D250 MHz
R&S®AREG-B177S/-B177D1 GHz
R&S®AREG-B181S/-B181D4 GHz from 76 GHz to 81 GHz (configurable: either 76 GHz to 80 GHz or 77 GHz to 81 GHz)
Artificial objects
Object typefixed distance
Total number of objects4
Object distancesup to one R&S®AREG-B61 option4 m (incl. 0.8 m air gap between R&S®AREG frontend and radar under test)
up to three R&S®AREG-B62 options, distance for each option has to be defined during ordering process5 m to 300 m (incl. 0.8 m air gap between R&S®AREG frontend and radar under test); customer definable during ordering process
Air gap to device under testIt is recommended that antennas be positioned in far field;
customer definable during ordering process
Radial velocity
Doppler frequency shiftWith R&S®AREG-K799 Doppler frequency shift for all artificial objects togetheryes
Individual Doppler frequency shiftWith R&S®AREG-B60 Doppler frequency shift for each artificial object individuallyyes
Velocity setting rangeR&S®AREG-B60 and R&S®AREG-K799+/- 500 km/h
Absolute maximum RX power at frontend RX waveguide portR&S®AREG-B124S/-B124D0 dBm (nom.)
R&S®AREG-B124S/-B124D–7 dBm (nom.)
R&S®AREG-B181S/-B181D–7 dBm (nom.)
Maximum TX power at frontend TX waveguide portR&S®AREG-B124S/-B124D≥ 15 dBm (meas.)
R&S®AREG-B177S/-B177D≥ 20 dBm (meas.)
R&S®AREG-B181S/-B181D≥ 18 dBm (meas.)
Receive/transmit gain control setting rangeall artificial objects together> 90 dB (meas.)
Receive/transmit gain control setting rangeeach artificial object individually55 dB (meas.)
Receive/transmit gain control step size0.5 dB (nom.)
IF input/IF output
IF input/output interfaceswith R&S®AREG-B17 optioncalibrated IF outputs on frontend and base unit;
calibrated IF input on base unit
IF input gain from auxiliary TX IF In port (at IF frequency) to frontend TX waveguide output (at RF frequency)R&S®AREG-B124S/-B124D, RF frequency = 24.125 GHz20 dB (meas.)
R&S®AREG-B177S/-B177D, RF frequency = 76.5 GHz20 dB (meas.)
R&S®AREG-B181S/-B181D, RF frequency = 78 GHz or 79 GHz20 dB (meas.)
IF input compression P1dB level at TX IF In port (at IF frequency)R&S®AREG-B124D1 dBm (meas.)
R&S®AREG-B177D1 dBm (meas.)
R&S®AREG-B181D-5 dBm (meas.)
Remote controlEthernet
with R&S®AREG-B86 optionGPIB, USB

Available options

Frequency band

Numéro de commande 1430.5100.02


Dual Antenna Frontend 24 GHz to 24.25 GHz


Numéro de commande 1430.5000.02


Single Antenna Frontend 24 GHz to 24.25 GHz


Numéro de commande 1430.5700.02


Dual Antenna Frontend 76 GHz to 77 GHz


Numéro de commande 1430.5752.02


Single Antenna Frontend 76 GHz to 77 GHz


Numéro de commande 1430.5152.02


Dual Antenna Frontend 76 GHz to 81 GHz


Numéro de commande 1430.5052.02


Single Antenna Frontend 76 GHz to 81 GHz

Artificial objects

Numéro de commande 1437.2488.02


Doppler frequency shift for generating a common radial velocity for all objects


Numéro de commande 1430.5552.02


Doppler frequency shift for generating an individual radial velocity for each object


Numéro de commande 1430.5317.02


Short fixed object distance, 3.2 m + air gap


Numéro de commande 1430.5369.02


Fixed object distance, customer defined

Intermediate frequency ports and control interfaces

Numéro de commande 1430.5200.02


Analog IF input and output interfaces


Numéro de commande 1430.5252.02


GPIB/USB Remote Control Interface

Power sensors

Numéro de commande 1419.0006.02


Three-path diode power sensor

For USB operation; Measurement range: 100 pW to 200mW; Frequency range: 10 MHz to 8 GHz; N (m) connector

Numéro de commande 1419.0012.02


Three-path diode power sensor

Measurement range: 100 pW to 200 mW; Frequency range: 10 MHz to 8 GHz; N (m) connector

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