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Automatically restart with return of the AC power


Is it possible to automatically restart a ZNB with return of the AC power?
We use it in an automated line and don't want to start it separately.


Yes, this is possible, but you have to change a BIOS setting.

For ZNB do the following steps:

- connect a keyboard to the ZNB
- switch on the ZNB and push several times the Delete button on the keyboard till you enter the BIOS
- go to Advanced
- open the point 'On Board Device Configuration'
- Enable the point 'Hide AMI Items'
- push ESC to exit the point Advanced
- go to Chipset
- open the point 'PCH-IO Configuration'
- change the poin 'Restore AC Power Loss' to Power On
- push F4 to save the new BIOS settings

Now the ZNB should start automatically when it gets AC power.