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ZND/ZNB - loading of a s2p file for deembedding with remote commands


I need to activate the deembedding function on a specific port. The data is available on a touchstone file (s2p)

How can I load the file with remote commands?


Here is a small SCPI sequence which loads a S2p file for single ended deembedding from the root directory of a USB stick, connected to the ZNB:

MMEM:CDIR 'D:' --> change the path to drive D for USB sticks

CALC:TRAN:VNET:SEND:DEEM1 ON --> activate single ended deembedding on port 1

CALC:TRAN:VNET:SEND:DEEM1:TND FIMP --> data from file (no circuit model)

MMEM:LOAD:VNET:SEND:DEEM1 '123.s2p' --> load the file (123.s2p)

Some further explanations:

"SEND" is for single ended. Other parameters are "BAL" for balanced and "DIFF" for differential

"DEEM" is for deembedding. If embedding is required use "EMB"

The number after "DEEM" is the port number