File-Based Broadcasting at Major US East Coast Broadcast Network

As broadcast workflows evolve into tapeless file-based workflows, the demand on broadcast equipment has grown significantly.

The Challenge

A major US East Coast broadcast network was looking for a solution that would enable them to orchestrate multiple business units to handle the increased demand to deliver content with a very fast turnaround. Moreover, systems were needed that would allow efficient ingest, content preparation, transcoding and playback – while at the same time being able to switch between different video resolutions and codecs. They also required a system that offered complete automation support. All in all, the new workflows had to be more reliable, flexible and future-ready.

Rohde & Schwarz DVS Offers Fitting Solution

The innovative DVS equipment is at the heart of the new infrastructure. Six Media Production Hubs VENICE, a DVS-SAN with 100 TB as well the content control software Spycer® helped the broadcaster to successfully use and support new codecs in the future.

Intelligent Ingest Workflows

The workflow was designed around six VENICE systems connected to the 100 TB DVS-SAN over a Fibre Channel infrastructure. The six VENICE Media Production Hubs provide 24 channels for ingest or playout across the entire workflow. The content coming in from tapes or satellite sources are ingested using the VENICE systems. The VENICE units can be controlled either using the GUI or via VDCP. Preset configurations saved in the VENICE systems can be recalled in a snap to make it easy for the end users to quickly set up the systems for ingest. Video, audio and metadata are efficiently ingested into a wide variety of formats. In this particular case, the broadcaster utilizes GXF and MXF formats primarily. The Media Production Hub manages native real-time capturing and simultaneously scaling of different formats. All content is available within the network immediately. Files coming from the outside can be either ingested directly or transcoded and ingested into the DVS-SAN. The Spycer® web services allow the automation system to catalogue and keep track of the ingested data.


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