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T&M solution

Since mobile video streaming is still new, many test personnel will be familiar with video or with mobile communications, but not with both. R&S®CMWrun provides automated test sequences, reducing the amount of special knowledge required for video testing. It controls the R&S®CMW500 wideband radio communication tester, which simulates a mobile network including the data application unit (DAU) integrated HTTP streaming server (DASH). In addition, the channel can be modified via IP impairments or through fading scenarios. This allows real test conditions in a fully controlled environment.

R&S®CMWrun – conducted (HDMI™/MHL interface) video analysis test solution based on R&S®VTE.
R&S®CMWrun – conducted (HDMI™/MHL interface) video analysis test solution based on R&S®VTE.

The R&S®CMWrun solution is radio bearer agnostic, which means that video testing analysis can be done with any radio access technology that supports E2E video streaming – LTE(FDD/TDD), WCDMA/HSPA, GSM/(E) GPRS and WLAN. Based on the R&S®CMW500 data application unit (DAU), R&S®CMWrun is tailored to customers who want to test the application layer, either for benchmarking purposes or simply to test the DUT performance under real user experience scenarios to obtain a conclusive overview of the key performance parameters for video analysis.

Two methods of testing are available:

  • Conducted over an HDMI™/MHL interface with the evaluations based on the R&S®VTE video tester
  • Over-the-air based on embedded barcodes in prepared videos, based on the R&S®Z17 barcode scanner kit for video analysis

Conducted (HDMI™/MHL interface)

The R&S®VTE video tester performs difference picture analyses for detecting and objectively analyzing degradations in a mobile device’s decoded video signal. It provides subjective quality assessment (SNR/SSIM/MOS). The video content is output to the R&S®VTE over the mobile device’s MHL, HDMI™ or Miracast Interface. The R&S®CMWrun CMW-KT105 solution provides full automation (for R&S®CMW500 and R&S®VTE).

Over-the-air (embedded barcode)

The R&S®CMW-Z17 barcode scanner in conjunction with the R&S®CMWrun sequencer tool (R&S®CMW-KT104) offers an easy way to evaluate basic and key parameters of video performance based on video frame evaluation: missing frames, frame delay and reordered frames. A high-speed barcode scanner evaluates the reception and decoding of barcodes that have been previously integrated into the streamed video. A set of reference videos is part of the delivery package or users can upload their own videos. In these videos, each frame contains a barcode with the sequence number in all video frames. The application also allows testing of DASH bitrate switching when changing the channel conditions.

The video testing solution is available in the following standard-specific R&S®CMWrun packages:

  • R&S®CMW-KT053: for WCDMA/HSPA and GSM/(E)GPRS
  • R&S®CMW-KT055: for LTE/LTE-A (FDD/TDD)
  • R&S®CMW-KT057: for WLAN
  • R&S®CMW-KT058: for CDMA2000®

The following options are mandatory:

  • R&S®CMW-KT051: to remotely control E2E applications, e.g. video streaming in the R&S®CMW500 data application unit (DAU)
  • R&S®CMW-KT104: for over-the-air (embedded barcode) video analysis with the R&S®CMW-Z17 barcode scanner
  • R&S®CMW-KT105: for conducted (HDMI™/MHL interface) video analysis with the R&S®VTE video analyzer
Intuitive digital user interface.
Intuitive digital user interface.

At a glance

The automation tool for the R&S®CMW platform

Today the R&S®CMW is the leading, most popular multistandard platform for UE testing. It is used by network operators, test houses, handset vendors and chipset manufacturers alike. The R&S®CMWrun automation software meets all requirements for executing remote control test sequences on the R&S®CMW in R&D, quality assurance, production and service for both current and future wireless equipment.

The software engine is based on the execution of test DLLs (plug-in assemblies). This architecture allows easy and straightforward configuration of test sequences without requiring specific programming knowledge of how to remotely control the instrument. It also provides full flexibility when configuring parameters and limits for the test items provided in the standard-specific R&S®CMWrun package options.

Intuitive and easy to use

The intuitive graphical user interface makes it simple for users to test wireless devices for compliance with the 3GPP protocols for various technologies.

The applications are diverse. For example, in combined user experience tests, synchronized markers show the IP throughput and current drain at a glance. During analysis, event markers help the user optimize IP throughput and battery life. At the end of the test, an easy-to-read test report containing limits, test results and verdict is generated. The report is available in csv, txt, xml and pdf format.

Key facts

  • Multitechnology solution for all standards supported by the R&S®CMW family
  • Ready-to-use solution for superior user experience test scenarios
  • Just GUI, no programming, no code compilation
  • Test creation, parameterization, execution and analysis in a single tool
  • Full test script and DUT automation (R&S®CMWrun own ADB/Android APP for iPerf/FTP)
  • Application for SCPI remote control via LAN, GPIB interface or USB
  • Sample test plans included