R&S®IRAPS™: Integrated, Record, Analysis, Playback System

Platform verification with signals that reflect the real-world is always difficult, but is always the best approach to the determine the true performance of the system. Performing test out in the real-world is not always possible for a number of reasons. To overcome these challenges, R&S®IRAPS™ enables the real-world RF spectrum to be captured, analyzed and played back in an efficient manner enabling quick and insightful analysis.

R&S®IRAPS™ system overview videos

Integrated Record, Analysis, Playback System

Simulate environments in 1 GHz end-to-end badnwidth for EW test using COTS.

Usability and benefits of using COTS

Use your existing R&S equipment or scale a multi-channel system to meet your needs.

Intuitive and easy to use Erisys ZoomOut software

Control and analysis SW enable simple navigation through large sets of captured data.

Quick Pulse Search using Erisys ZoomOut software

Use the advanced search to visualize pulse search results and save as PDW/IQDW.

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