Beamforming measurements

White Paper

Beamforming Measurements

Beamforming using phased array antennas is a common technology in the aerospace & defense industry for radar, satellite communication and further applications. With the next big step in mobile communication, 5G NR (5G New Radio) will introduce new RF techniques, higher frequencies and wider signal bandwidths. Multi-user MIMO and beamforming will become an essential part especially for mmWave links in the 24 to 28 and 39 GHz range. This will drive the need of phased array antennas as the common antenna form for beamforming and beamforming chipsets into new dimensions. Download this white paper to better understand:

  • How 5G and other mmWave applications are driving the need for beamforming
  • Basic antenna concepts like electromagnetic fields and phase shifting properties
  • Beamforming design theories such as analog, digital and hybrid architectures
  • Why test requirements are driving the need for mmWave:
    • vector signal generators and analyzers
    • multiport network analyzers
    • over-the-air (OTA) test chambers