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To break new ground, electrical engineers need reliable and precise instruments for testing and measurement.

Since 1933, that's exactly what Rohde & Schwarz has provided.

We offer everything you need to make ideas real

Rohde & Schwarz is a privately owned instrument provider that's 100% focused on our customers' success. Our focus is simple: help electrical engineers make tomorrow possible. Here's how we do it:


Deliver accessible excellence

We provide leading test and measurement products, both premium and accessible.


Provide solutions across the spectrum

Across industries, we offer a complete test and measurement portfolio, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and more.


Empower engineers to succeed

We deliver the support and knowledge-building resources engineers need to accelerate innovation and grow their skill sets.

Test & Measurement Reference Guide

Test and measurement reference guide

Learn about all the Rohde & Schwarz instruments that are at your disposal - and what makes them the right choice for your test and measurement needs.

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Test and measurement product guide

Test and measurement product guide

Get our new Test & Measurement product guide to learn about & compare the latest test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

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Get insights about today's top test and measurement topics

You know as well as anyone: The world of technology test and measurement changes fast. We've gathered perspectives from our experts to help you stay one step ahead with brief, informative videos.

How to Maximize Your Test and Measurement Budget

Get tips on how to get more out of your instrument spend.

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Test and Measurement Tips for New Wireless Technologies

Learn need-to-know essentials about test and measurement for 5G FR1, 5G FR2, and Wi-Fi 6/7.

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The Advantages of a Privately Owned Instrument Vendor

Hear how private ownership helps Rohde & Schwarz customers avoid supply issues.

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Explore our technology webinars

Instrument fundamentals series overview

Instrument Fundamentals Series Overview

Learn about all the test and measurement instruments at your displosal and how to find the right tools for your project.

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5G evolution: fundamentals

5G Evolution: Fundamentals

Go in depth on underlying 5G technologies, emerging innovations and the top trends to be aware of.

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RFcomponent testing: RF communication system overview

RF Component Testing: RF Communication System Overview

Discover how system design, test and measurement is changing and what you need to know to keep pace.

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Let's discuss your test and measurement challenges

Whether you need to refresh your instrumentation, learn about the Rohde & Schwarz products at your disposal or discuss testing needs, our experts are ready to assist you. Let's chat about your test and measurement needs and how we can help.