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Recent On-Demand Webinars

How Network Testing Ensures 5G Private Network Performance

This webinar discussed how private 5G networks can be evaluated by passive and active network tests as basis for network optimization ensuring the most demanding requirements.

THz Technologies for Beyond 5G

THz Technologies for Beyond 5G

To fully exploit the potential of frequency range up to 170 GHz, we discuss the propagation characteristics for the development of the future communication standards.

Heterogeneous Networks

Heterogeneous Networks

An informational webinar, in which we discuss how 5G will impact the deployment of HetNets and what test solutions you require to meet these new challenges. 

Apples to Apples Benchmarking of 5G Networks

Apples to Apples Benchmarking of 5G Networks

This webinar explains the transparent and scalable benchmarking methodology followed by results from a recent measurement campaign in Texas based on the ETSI procedure.

How 5G and Wireless IoT is Enabling the Smart Factory

How 5G and Wireless IoT is Enabling the Smart Factory

We discuss the challenges factory operators face, talk about lessons learned from real life deployments and the importance of RF testing on today’s factory floor.

THz Communication - A Key Enabler for Beyond 5G?

THz Communication - A Key Enabler for Beyond 5G?

In this webinar, you will learn technical challenges in generating THz radiation using electronic and photonic technologies including their applications.

Network Synchronization - Essential for 5G Performance

Network Synchronization - Essential for 5G Performance

This webinar examines optimizing the network coverage and performance and describes a practical test procedure to make accurate measurements.

Use Direction Finding to Locate Mobile Network Interference in Minutes

Use Direction Finding to Locate Mobile Network Interference in Minutes

Network operators need to be aware of issues and locate the source of interference quickly and this is becoming more important with the emergence of critical 5G use cases. To achieve this in demanding RF environments requires specialist equipment and the use of expert techniques such as Direction Finding (DF). This webinar describes the process of interference hunting, examines the test tools available and identifies where DF can be used for maximum advantage.

Voice over 5G – Evolution, Deployment, Technology and Testing Aspects

Voice over 5G – Evolution, Deployment, Technology and Testing Aspects

This webinar introduces you to the technology aspects behind incorporating voice services in 5G networks and outlines possible deployment scenarios. And since test and measurement guarantees proper implementation to achieve best user experience, we will also demonstrate how to test voice capabilities of 5G smartphones in different deployment scenarios.

Discover the secrets of UWB based on IEEE 802.15.4z

Discover the secrets of UWB based on IEEE 802.15.4z

In this webinar, we will give you the latest updates on the evolution of the UWB standard for secure communication and ranging, as specified in IEEE 802.15.4z. We will also elaborate on the UWB certification needs and guide you through specific test challenges. Additionally, we will explain and demonstrate our test solutions for UWB device testing, including accurate time-of-flight measurements.

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for 5G – Technology and Testing Overview

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for 5G – Technology and Testing Overview

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing is an innovative technology by which mobile operators can avoid the expensive, time-consuming process of spectrum refarming, and deploy 5G NR in their existing LTE bands.

In this webinar our technology expert will explain DSS as well as share some of the latest measurement tools and techniques for ensuring its successful implementation.

Fundamental learnings from benchmarking 5G networks

Fundamental learnings from benchmarking 5G networks

This webinar describes an approach to overcome challenges and uses real measurements from benchmarking first commercial deployments of 5G to analyze a network’s true performance and measure its ability to support current and future use cases. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to/ more about:

  • 5G deployment status and challenges
  • A scalable, deep-dive analytics approach
  • Case study from recent field measurements
  • Testing lower latency, higher capacity, and increased throughput
5G Evolution Webinar: 5G Fundamentals

5G Evolution: 5G Fundamentals

This webinar explains underlying technologies that have made 5G possible, leading into where we are today with 5G.

The topics 5G Fundamentals will cover: 5G NR – current situation, motivation and services offered by 5G NR, status update: where are we with 5G, spectrum, deployments, visions?, spectrum situation today FR1 and FR2, 5G NR infrastructure aspects: deployment scenarios: NSA and SA mode, 5G NR air interface, 5G numerologies based on OFDMA, physical channels, physical signals in 5G, 5G NR – RAN implementation and UE procedures.

5G Evolution Webinar: 5G Advanced Topics

5G Evolution: 5G Advanced Topics

5G deployments have only recently started, and releases beyond R15 will continue to tap into the tremendous potential of 5G. However, as a new generation of cellular technology typically appears every 8-10 years, 6G can be expected around 2030. 6G could offer high-fidelity holograms, multi-sensory communications, Tera Hertz (THz) communications, and pervasive artificial intelligence. In this webinar, we explore the evolution from 5G  from a service, air interface and network perspective, as well as take a crystal ball perspective on what the 5G evolution may look like.  

Interference hunting in 5G networks

Interference Hunting in 5G Networks

With 5G, the use of mm-wave and advanced antenna techniques will have an important impact on how interference is measured and resolved. Some of the key topics covered in this session include:

  • What is interference hunting?
  • Interference hunting in pre-5G networks
  • What is different about 5G?
  • Tools for 5G interference hunting
  • Rethinking “interference” in 5G networks
An Overview of NG-RAN and NR in 5G Networks

An Overview of NG-RAN and NR in 5G Networks

5G is being deployed around the globe, and brings with it new technologies and new challenges. Although for many, it feels like we just got here, the evolution of 5G has already begun. This webinar provides a technical overview of the key radio aspects of 5G. The architecture of NG-RAN including gNB-CU and gNB-DU is illustrated. Key features of the New Radio (NR) air interface are also described. A variety of NR topics are covered such as OFDM numerologies, frame structure, massive MIMO, channel coding, and radio protocol stack.

5G Deployment: Practical Considerations

5G Deployment: Practical Considerations

Properly deploying a 5G radio access network requires careful planning and execution. For many operators, LTE will co-exist with 5G NR for some time. From Site Acquisition and RF design through final acceptance test, knowing what to look for and how to test will be critical to success. Join us for this informational webinar, in which we will cover the details of 5G deployment and how test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz can help you test more efficiently throughout the entire 5G deployment cycle.

Fundamentals of Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing

Fundamentals of Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing

Future wireless technologies and standards will make over-the-air (OTA) testing a necessity. Engineers working with 5G NR and similar technologies today and in the future will need to have a basic understanding of antenna characteristics and how to properly measure them as part of a highly integrated sub-system. In this webinar, an OTA application engineer will cover the following topics: introduction to antenna parameters, the importance and execution of OTA test solution paradigms, and challenges of 5G OTA Measurements.


5G Location Based Services in Rel. 15 & 16

In this webinar, we will present the technical requirements and use cases for 5G location based services (LBS). We will then discuss the strengths and limitations of key positioning technologies such as DL-TDOA, MC-RTT, AoD, AoA, GNSS, Wi Fi and Barometric measurements. Finally, we will provide some details around specific Rohde & Schwarz test solutions that can be used to test the reliability and accuracy of positioning methods under all conditions, either indoors or outdoors.

How massive MIMO Challenges 5G base Station Testing

How massive MIMO Challenges 5G base Station Testing

Massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna systems and beamforming are no doubt the key enablers and fundamental components of 5G deployment. This webinar explains the MIMO techniques used in today’s commercially deployed networks. It further discusses the latest MIMO enhancements specified in 3GPP Release 16, finalized in June 2020. The webinar also demonstrates how to apply Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes for testing phase-coherent 5G MIMO signals during the development of 5G base stations and small cells in the lab.

Featured Content


The Motivation, Technology and Testing for DSS

This document aims to explain the technology behind DSS and the reasons why so many wireless operators around the world are adopting DSS.

5G Voice over New Radio (VoNR)

This White Paper will provide in-depth guidance in navigating 5G VoNR from the network deployment and the connectivity options aimed at not only supporting VoNR.

do you know 5g vonr infographic

Do you know 5G VoNR?

Navigate 5G VoNR from the network deployment and the connectivity options aimed at not only supporting VoNR, but also ensuring the data services that VoNR should enable.

creating the base of 5g infographic

Creating the Base of 5G

See how trending mobile wireless technolgies are taken into consideration in the creation of mobile network equipment for today's and future 5G NR networks.

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) Infographic

Infographic: DSS Q&A

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) is a key technology that dynamically allocates spectrum resources between LTE and 5G NR within the same frequency band. See the answers to the most commonly asked questions about DSS.

Base Station

5G Field Deployment: Practical Considerations

In this paper we discuss the technologies behind changes that carriers must consider with the deployment of 5G, including specific changes needed for the 5G NR base station.

5G ebook image

5G New Radio Digital Book

The 5G New Radio eBook from Rohde & Schwarz describes all relevant details of the 5G NR technology – the fundamentals and procedures.

Evolution of 5G to 6G

5G Evolution: On the Path to 6G

Explore the evolution from 5G to 6G from a service, air interface and network perspective, and explore where 6G may take us.

Radio fundamentals for cellular networks

Radio fundamentals for cellular networks

Explore basic cellular systems principles and examine the underlying technologies that lay the foundation for today and the future.

MNT 5G site testing poster

Poster: 5G Site Testing

A step-by-step guide to the required RF and functional 5G site acceptance tests.

Interference Hunting

Interference hunting in TDD Networks

See how we enable users to effectively suppress TDD signals and show persistent interferers on the spectrum display.

Interactivity Test White Paper

Interactivity Test White Paper

This paper explains why it is necessary to measure the key performance parameters of throughput, latency and continuity.

IoT Pocket Guide

Internet of Things (IoT) Pocket Guide

Request this pocket guide to determine which technology best fits your application, testing challenges, and certification tips.

Wifi over the city

The Wi-Fi® 6 Revolution Testing Strategy

This white paper will give insight on the upcoming Wi-Fi 6 standard and explain, in detail new test requirements and solutions.

LTE, LTE-A, LTE-A Pro videos

LTE / LTE-A / LTE-A Pro videos

Gain insights into important LTE technology components specified in 3GPP Releases 8-14.