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  • Add Limit Line to existing EMC32 Test to create a new list of critical frequencies

    I have saved an EMI Test and would like to add a new Limit Line to the existing Test, optionally I would like to create a new list of critical frequencies, based on the new limit line. How can I do this with EMC32?Yes, you can do this. You can load the Test and you can add a new limit to the exisitig graphic. It is also possible to run a new EMI Evaluation to get new critical frequencies. Attached

  • Remote command „CALC:UNIT:POW DBUV” is not accepted

    We use the receiver mode. After sending the command “CALC:UNIT:POW DBUV” we get the error “-200,"Execution error; Function not available” back. That command is mentioned in the manual and the “unit” dBuV” should be available. What is wrong?You are right - in receiver mode it must be possible to use dBuV. In fact, that is the default setting after a preset.Please check if there is any other transducer

  • Self Alignment via remote control via TCP/IP => 'CAL?

    I want to make the Self Alignment via remote control with the command 'CAL?'.Because this takes sometimes a very long time how can I detect the end.In the manual is mentioned to use a SRQ, but this does not work when I use a TCP/IP connectionYes, the SRQ line is a hardware line with the IEEE bus and this does not work with normal TCP/IP. So we cannot use it.Because the calibration command is a query

  • Installing and using multiple versions of ELEKTRA

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