High accuracy GNSS in 5G – RTK, PPT and RTK-PPP

Presented by Adrian Cardala-Garcia and Stafan Maier

Webinar: High accuracy GNSS in 5G – RTK, PPT and RTK-PPP

5G promises high-accuracy positioning in the sub-meter range. One way to achieve this in outdoor environments is via the close integration of high-accuracy GNSS technologies such as RTK and PPP in 5G. This webinar presents the working principle of high-accuracy GNSS, including the types and distribution methods of correction data, with a focus on the LPP protocol. It will also examine the impact of the antenna phase and gain pattern as well as discuss correction data broadcasting. The webinar concludes with an overview of upcoming applications and test equipment to ensure the performance of 5G mobile devices featuring high-accuracy positioning.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Basics of high-accuracy GNSS, including RTK, PPP and RTK-PPP
  • Difference between OSR and SSR correction data
  • Correction data broadcasting via 5G
  • Feasibility of high-accuracy in the mass-market
  • Measurement of antenna phase and gain patterns, PCV and PCO