Small cells – an essential paradigm shift for cellular networks

Presented by Mahesh Basavaraju

Webinar: Small cells – an essential paradigm shift for cellular networks

Network operators have used small cells for very long time to provide coverage in corner cases. Starting with LTE, small cells were used not just to increase coverage but to add capacity to the network. In the 5G era, network operators use network densification to provide coverage, capacity and performance.

Thanks to its higher throughput, higher capacity and lower latency, 5G frequency range 2 (FR2) is especially ideal for realizing use cases from the vertical industries. Due to the propagation characteristics of FR2 mmWave frequencies, a combination of macro cells and small cells is essential to deliver 5G services in outdoor areas and indoor small cells for coverage in indoor areas.

This webinar provides an overview of small cells from a market perspective, explaining trends such as disaggregated RAN in small cells and the 5G network evolution. We also discuss key test requirements and challenges of 5G FR2 small cells and how to test them, followed by a 5G FR2 small cell testing demo based on the R&S®CMP200 radio communication tester.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Small cells and network densification
  • Test requirements and challenges and how to solve them
  • One-box solution for 5G FR2 small cell production testing