Tips and tricks on double-pulse testing for power electronics

Webinar: Tips and tricks on double-pulse testing for power electronics

This webinar is intended for engineers who work on power electronics design and test. We will be discussing the double-pulse testing method which comprehensively verifies the converter design incl. switching losses, switching characteristics for all operating modes, and switching times and energies.

After introducing you to this method we will be looking at the theory on effects of parasitics, the test setup and the test procedure. You will be learning how to design the test with respect to circuit parameters provided by the right load inductor and DC link capacitor.

Discussions on voltage and current probing, de-skewing, and grounding will be guiding you through the measurement setup. Practical measurement examples with a SiC MOSFET device will be illustrating this webinar.


Dr. Markus Herdin is a seasoned market development professional at Rohde & Schwarz with a focus on power electronics test & measurement applications. His previous experience at Rohde & Schwarz includes roles in product management, product development and corporate business development. Markus holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth.

Dr. Markus Herdin

Kevin Hermanns is the founder and managing director of PE-Systems GmbH. PE-Systems offers solutions in the field of design automation for power electronics including automated characterization and device modelling. As of January 2021, he is chair of the newly formed IEEE Power Electronics Society Technical Committee on Design Methodologies. He is also an active participant in national and international standardization committees (e.g. IEC and CENELEC).

Prior to PE-Systems, Kevin worked on a wide variety of research & design projects on power electronics. He graduated from the Technical University of Braunschweig with a Master of Science in electrical power engineering.