Production Test Systems

Production Test Systems : R&S®CompactTSVP Basic Training Software

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Language English
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Short designation TR161-22E


The flexible test system platform R&S®CompactTSVP offers a solution to fulfill test and measurement tasks for our clients in the area of electronic production and development. This training presents in detail the "GTSL" software from Rohde & Schwarz developed to operate the R&S®CompactTSVP hardware. It shows the usage of the test libraries and software tools required to operate the R&S®CompactTSVP. The training will go along with several sample applications used to fulfill common test and measurement tasks.

The software "LabWindows CVI" will be used to develop the sample applications. The participants of this training should have basic knowledge how to use the editor and compiler.Participants should have basic knowledge about the R&S®CompactTSVP hardware.


  • GTSL software concept
  • Test libraries
  • Device drivers (low-level)
  • EGTSL software for In-Circuit tests in a brief overview
  • How to create and manage system configurations
  • Instrument Soft Panels
  • Utilities
  • Self-test
  • How to create test and measurement applications with "LabWindows CVI"
  • Debugging
  • Documentation

Target Group

  • Engineers, technicians and specialists using R&S®CompactTSVP to solve their tasks.
  • Duration: 1 day