Radio Monitoring

Radio Monitoring : Searching for RFI with a test receiver and a directional antenna

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Language English
Trainer Peter Lampel
Price on request
Short designation TR308-7E


More and more devices and subscribers, new radio services, and unfettered demand for more and more bandwidth are leading to increasingly dense occupancy of the radio spectrum. The risk of mutual interference rises in a densely occupied spectrum. This challenge impacts civil regulatory authorities, the military and commercial network operators alike. Interference sources that impair radio services and mobile networks can be localized using their electromagnetic radiation. In this seminar the participants learn how to track down concealed sources of electromagnetic radiation using a test receiver and a directional antenna. The operation and application of portable radiomonitoring receivers and directional antennas are described in detail. Practical exercises augment the conveyed knowledge. In this way, the participants learn how to effectively use and handle receivers and directional antennas.


  • Structure and functionality of a radiomonitoring receiver
  • Real-time spectrum analysis and scanning
  • Searching for interference with a portable receiver
  • Direction finding, location and triangulation
  • Functionality of directional antennas and direction finding antennas
  • Direction finding and location of interference sources

Target Group

  • Engineers, technicians and users who track down and eliminate sources of electromagnetic interference.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training location: Munich
  • Language: English