RF Measurements

RF Measurements : VNA Pulsed Measurements Virtual Course

Language English
Trainer Dr. Felix Dobias
Price 210, 00 EUR
Short designation TV1-005-1E


This virtual course provides an introduction to pulsed measurements with vector network analyzers (VNA). Participants learn about the representation of pulsed signals in the time and frequency domains and learn about the difference between point-in-pulse and average measurements. In addition to theoretical aspects, there will be a live demonstration of the setting up and performing VNA measurements under pulsed conditions including the pulse profile.


Pulsed Signals

  • Typical applications
  • Pulsed signals in time and frequency domains
  • ZNA architectural overview
  • Necessary ZNA options

Pulsed measurements with ZNA

  • Point in pulse vs. average measurements
  • Setting measurement bandwidth
  • Pulsed wave-quantity measurements
  • Pulsed S-parameter measurements
  • Pulse profile measurements

Target Group

Technicians or engineers with VNA measurement fundamentals and experience who want to expand from CW measurements to VNA measurements under pulsed conditions.

Course length in sessions : 2 sessions of 90 mins each

Course Language: English

Location: online. The training link will be sent after booking