More than 60 years of experience in the field of vector network analysis pay off: Rohde & Schwarz once again sets new benchmarks -- with the R&S®ZNB. This instrument is an outstanding combination of high measurement speed, superior RF performance and exceptional ease of operation. The latter is achieved by a 12.1" touchscreen, which is the biggest screen available in a network analyzer for the time being, and powerful soft tools. Test results are thus obtained in just three operating steps. Further highlights: The R&S®ZNB is the only instrument in its class to offer a second internal source for amplifier and mixer measurements (4-port model). Measuring high-blocking DUTs poses no problem due to the R&S®ZNB's high dynamic range of typically more than 140 dB at 10 Hz IF BW and even more than 150 dB at 1 Hz IF BW. A power sweep range of more than 100 dB is unique, allowing for measuring the small and large signal characteristics of many amplifiers without changing the test setup. An R&S®ZNB only rarely needs calibration which is then accomplished very quickly, either manually (guided by a wizard) or automatically with the aid of a calibration unit. Due to the unrivaled range of calibration methods offered, the user can choose the optimal method for the measurement task at hand. Convincing specs are a must but the R&S®ZNB also wins on "soft facts". Its small depth leaves plenty of space on the work bench for measurement applications - which the user can fully concentrate on as the R&S®ZNB's operating noise is very low. The R&S®ZNB reflects our concept of modern network analysis. Just put it to the test..

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