RTC1000 - Mediacenter

R&S®RTC1000 - Waveform and pattern generator

Integrated R&S®RTB-B6 waveform and pattern generator.


R&S®RTC1000 - Frequency analysis

Difficult-to-find faults often result from the interaction between time and frequency signals.


R&S®RTC1000 - 7 s boot up and ready to measure

The R&S®RTC1000 boots in just 7 seconds and is ready to measure.


R&S®RTC1000 - X-in1 oscilloscope

R&S®RTC1000 Series oscilloscopes provides high sensitivity and multifunctionality to a great price.


R&S®RTC1000 - Serial protocol triggering and decoding

Protocols such as I²C, SPI and CAN/LIN frequently transfer control messages between integrated circuits.


R&S®RTC1000 - Digital channels

The R&S®RTC1000 option turns every R&S®RTC1000 into an intuitive-to-use MSO with 8 additional digital channels.


R&S®RTC1000 - XY Mode

R&S®RTC1000 series oscilloscopes feature a standard XY mode.


R&S®RTC1000 - Component testing

A component tester and an oscilloscope can be used to examine whether components are defective or functional.


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