R&S®SMA100B - Mediacenter

Angle of Arrival Simulation for Multi-Channel Receivers

This video shows how to define a Direction Finding scenario in the R&S®Pulse Sequencer software and how to replay the scenario on a 4 channel R&S®SMW200A setup that has been aligned in terms of amplitude, delay and phase.


R&S®SMW200A - RF Ports Alignment - Getting Started

This video shows how to set up R&S®SMW200A vector signal generators and use the RF Ports Alignment option SMW-K545 together with the RFPAL PC software to generate multiple signals that are aligned in amplitude, delay and phase at the input of a multi-port DUT.


R&S®SMA100B – High dynamic uninterrupted level sweep

This video shows how to profit from the high dynamic uninterrupted level sweep feature of the Rohde & Schwarz ® SMA100B for measuring gain transfer curves of amplifiers.


R&S®SMA100B – Measuring harmonic distortion of high power amplifiers

This video shows how the R&S®SMA100B can provide ultra high output power signals with lowest harmonics at the same time.


R&S®SMA100B - Signals with lowest phase noise

Radar engineering, data converter testing, base station blocking tests - all of them require signals with lowest phase noise at the relevant offset frequencies.


R&S®SMA100B - Product Video

The product image video shows the R&S®SMA100B RF and microwave signal generator with its outstanding performance without compromise.


The signal that makes the difference

This video shows the SMA100B-Online-presentation.


First class ADCs thanks to first class signals

This video presents how the R&S®SMA100B supports you in measuring the true performance of ADCs.


Innovative analog pulse signal generation

This video presents how easy it is to generate narrow pulses using the R&S®SMA100B.


Clock and LO components in 5G base stations (part 1/3)

See how to achieve excellent phase noise measurement results with low noise signal generator and phase noise analyzer.


Clock and LO components in 5G base stations (part 2/3)

Learn how to verify the performance of RF sampling clock generator / jitter attenuator with low noise signal generator and high-performance oscilloscope.


Clock and LO components in 5G base stations (part 3/3)

Monitoring and relocking clock inputs are critical for the performance and the timing of 5G base station transceivers.


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