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Trainer: Paul Denisowski, Wing Yip Lai

Webinar series: interference hunting

Watch our experts in four modules and upskill your interference hunting

Unwanted transmitters are pervasive in today’s mobile networks, degrading network capacity and reducing subscriber QoE. With the densification of cells and the deployment of emerging standards with higher-order modulation over legacy technologies, the RF environment is becoming ever-more complex making networks increasingly susceptible to interference. Therefore, hunting down interference is getting more important, if not a must, for many network operators and regulators to protect their investments and keep their network performance to the maximum.

Join our experts for an on-demand online training program packed with a series of four webinars for you to upskill your interference hunting.

What will you learn:

  • Recognizing and identifying interference
  • Locating interferers
  • Practical examples and case studies modules
  • R&S interfernece hunting solutions

Who is it for:

Interference hunting professionals of

  • Regulators
  • Mobile network operators
  • Service providers

Webinar modules

Module 1: Recognizing and identifying interference

In this webinar, we will discuss how to recognize the presence of interference and how to obtain useful information about the interferer before and during the interference hunting process:

  • What is interference?
  • Recognizing interference
  • Categorizing interference based on spectral characteristics
  • Harmonics and intermodulation
  • The role of demodulation

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Module 2: Locating interferers

In this webinar, we will discuss the tools and techniques needed to physically locate sources of interference:

  • Different phases of radiolocation (general vs. local area)
  • Direction finding tools
  • Understanding propagation
  • Using visual clues and other resources

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Module 3: Practical examples and case studies

In this webinar, Paul will use actual field cases of interference hunting to illustrate the concepts and techniques presented in the previous presentation

  • Example 1 : Cable television signal egress
  • Example 2 : Illegal cell phone repeaters
  • Example 3 : Pirate radio station
  • Example 4 : Cellular and other jammers

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Module 4: R&S Interference Hunting solutions in mobile network

In this webinar, we will dive into the features and operation of various R&S Interference Hunting solutions:

  • Review on topics of previous presentations
  • Spectrum Analyzers for interference hunting
  • Monitor Receiver for interference hunting
  • Key differences between 2 tools
  • Key features of R&S®MNT100 , R&S®HE400 handheld directional antenna, R&S®Mobile Locator.

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Our Experts

Paul Denisowski application engineer rohde & schwarz usa

Paul Denisowski

Application Engineer – Rohde & Schwarz USA

Paul Denisowski is an Applications Engineer at Rohde & Schwarz, where his specialties include interference hunting, direction finding, and mobile network testing. He has over 20 years of experience in test and measurement and has previously worked in both field and R&D positions with HP/Agilent, Fujitsu, and Alcatel. Paul holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and was a visiting lecturer at the Tokyo Institute of Technology

Wing Yip Lai

Wing Yip Lai

Application Engineer, Monitoring and Network Testing – Rohde & Schwarz Asia

Wingyip Lai is an Application Engineer for Monitoring and Network Testing. He is specialized in Radio Spectrum Monitoring and Radio Location.

Wingyip joined Rohde & Schwarz in June 2005 as a Technical Support Engineer. Subsequently he hold different positions as Project Manager in System Engineering, Test Engineer in R&D within the Monitoring and Network Testing division.

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