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Language: EN
Presenter: Peter Walhöfer, Rohde & Schwarz
Dr. Christoph Baur, Rohde & Schwarz
Anders Gustavsson, Securitas


Millimeterwave screening for loss prevention

Inventory shrinkage and loss of intellectual property (IP) are common and can lead to a drop in profits and often unpleasant organizational impacts. High-performance security scanning technologies allow data and logistics centers, sensitive manufacturing facilities and other secure infrastructures to perform scans that will detect concealed metallic and non-metallic items under a person's clothing.

Join the on demand webinar and learn:

  • How Rohde & Schwarz advanced security screening technology can help service providers and system integrators in loss prevention/asset protection markets to implement tailored solutions
  • How the adoption of body scanners reduces operational security costs
  • Why microwave imaging is superior to technologies such as terahertz, walk-through metal detectors, pat down searches or X-ray screening
  • How the Rohde & Schwarz partner Securitas sees the evolving needs in loss prevention and the role of AI-based security technology

You will also learn from the Rohde & Schwarz solution partner Securitas. Rohde & Schwarz helps to diversify Securitas' solution offering by remote checkpoints for data centers and other applications.

If you are a security officer, security system integrator, solution provider or simply interested in the latest loss prevention solutions, this webinar is for you.