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Language: EN
Trainer: Reiner Stuhlfauth, Rohde & Schwarz
Arnd Sibila, Rohde & Schwarz

Webinar: Open RAN – network performance in the lab and in the field

Wireless communications testing webinars

Open RAN – network performance in the lab and in the field

With the technical evolution of Open RAN, radio access networks (RANs) are made open, disaggregated and intelligent. This technological evolution fosters future RAN to be built on virtual network elements, white-box hardware and standardized interfaces. The O-RAN Alliance defines new interfaces complementary to 3GPP RAN interfaces as well as additional specifications, and assists its members in integrating and testing their implementations.

Opening virtualized networks with Open RAN demands suitable test and measurement solutions. Conformance testing is required to test the O-RAN fronthaul interface. When deploying an Open RAN network, network testing solutions are necessary to verify its interoperability and to compare the end-to-end performance as well as the user experience of an Open RAN with a legacy network. This webinar provides an overview of the O-RAN disaggregation aspects and describes how T&M can guarantee the successful deployment of an O-RAN network.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • RAN disaggregation aspects
  • O-RAN fronthaul conformance testing
  • E2E testing of Open RAN based networks
  • How to compare the network performance of Open and legacy RAN
  • Network synchronization aspects and verification over the air